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German Fascism

Friday, August 30th, 2013

The Liberals and the adventurers. In my opinion, the difference between the fascism of the young and the old fascism boils down to the following: that of the first (if we can use this word) was revolutionary; of parents, on the other hand, instrumental. The latter just wanted to order, the others a new order. Go back to 1932, the culminating point of this primitive fascism, the end of the decade that celebrates the primacy of Italy in the oceanic crossing. The destiny wanted that the following year reached the scene Adolf Hitler, to which Mussolini, who was seen as a teacher, will become a subject. Where fascism had to be updated or rather betray in follow-up to their ideology. This led to that so many people that they had been sincerely fascists or sympathizers, at a given moment began to hate.

It is therefore not a surprise that the contradictions result in divisions coming out the vagaries within fascism afloat. The most radical Nazi Nazis constituted an obstacle to the Alliance of interests of Hitler with great industry and those of the army. These sincere anti-capitalist revolutionaries were mainly between the SA of Ersnt Roeehm, who wanted to make a second revolution for really so be able to reform the German society. Roeehm comes to tick to Hitler of coward and traitor by surrender to the interests of big capital, which had vowed to combat. Affirming the revolution will make it with or without the. They had their SA with 2.5 million members, on 29 and 30 June 1934 SS would disappear this Socialist opposition on the night of the long knives. Also Spengler (very influential in the fascist parties) before the rise of Nazism, in principle supporter of the same, is shown, although he would change his mind, because of opportunism and contradictions of the nazi movement.

National Research Council

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

The new vision of the world seeks the totality, where all are immersed and are part of the whole and where fragmentation is not accepted or as Laughlin says the new vision is unfolding us. We also have a great respect for nature, since it is an extension of ourselves would live in a better planet and for this we need an education that is based on the truths of the perennial philosophy. The following dialog is on the subject of: Science and spirituality submitted by David Peat (doctorate in physics. Researcher of the National Research Council, Canada and the Birbeck College, University of London). To understand the mechanistic paradigm to the holistic paradigm shift David Peat mentions that synchronicity is the key point. Synchronicity made to match the inner world and the material world. Also Peat says that what interests him is the spirit-matter relationship, this circular relationship where it seems that the spirit leaves the matter to re-enter again to matter and the rebirth of the world; It seems to me that it is a very deep topic that mentions Peat because it is integrating spirituality with science, since spirituality is also a science.

The new science must be aware, have love, compassion, which concerned the spiritual themes, who are interested in ecology. Edward T. Clark (Ph.d. in education. A founding member of the Global Alliance for the education transformation GATE) converses with Dr. Gallegos theme to embrace the Vision.

The change in societies is clear, Since he speaks of a new paradigm, a new education, sustainable development and social transformation, political and economic, but also speaks of changes in structures and of ourselves. You must also change our view of the world and redesign new structures. Clark believes that bureaucratic centralized structures should disappear and that must remain the structures of network, which does not power on each other, on the contrary implies power distributed, i.e., go from the centralized to the decentralized.


Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Sensebene, centers specializing in body aesthetics and well-being, has inaugurated a new operating unit in Spain, specifically in Madrid’s calle Rodriguez San Pedro, at the heart of Arguelles. With over 150 square meters of surface, this establishment, in front of which is Silvia Calderon Chavero, starts with a clear philosophy based on professionalism, trust, quality, impeccable customer care and innovation of equipment and new techniques. This new franchise based its business strategy on a firm commitment by the people, who along with the latest aesthetic technologies, make it possible to offer highly reliable services. My objective is to professionalize the most service to customers, that our team of technicians always has as last end the care and well-being of the person who goes to the Centre. My intention is to implement in an establishment such as ours the processes and protocols of a large company. I believe that this internal organization gives as results end a better service to the customer. This learned of the era in which I worked as a consultant in large banks, that explains Silvia.

This entrepreneur has pursued his dream of setting up a business looking for a sector booming. Despite working as a change management consultant in financial institutions always wanted to have my own business because I trained in administration and management of company. This sector seemed very attractive and the franchise gave me security that any problem that had so resolve me, confesses Silvia, after having made a detailed study of the sector and its competence. This new franchisee of Sensebene highlights reducing treatments of his Center and the importance of a professional diagnosis before the demand for cosmetic services. Our team of professionals are experts in the services that we offer, knowledge that is consolidated with the initial formation of the franchise, the most complete of the sector, and subsequent ongoing training.

In addition, much emphasis in a good diagnosis, which is key to the success of the treatments, confirms Silvia that also adds, what we want is that our customers leave satisfied of their treatments and repeated because we offer them some guarantees. Reducing treatments, cavitation, Electroporation, preassure therapy and vibrating platform are some of the specialties that provides this Center in addition to a competitive price. At our premises we prepare a personalised quote with the needs of the user with a very competitive rate. We believe that in this way the client wins confidence, is not sell treatments at close range, we are looking for a loyal and satisfied customer says the franchisee. Sensebene are centres of aesthetics, beauty and body health, possessing the best machines on the market, manufactured in Europe, approved and tested, offering latest generation electrotherapy. The initial investment is 36,500 euros, with a royalty of exploitation of 400 euros per month and one of advertising for 100 euros. If not available with all the investment, Sensebene helps in the management of negotiations with credit institutions for acquisition of loans and funds ICO.


Monday, August 5th, 2013

For most girls, prom dress is a better way of showing good taste in different parts. It is very important for us to choose suitable evening dress. Evening dress has several types of styles, line A-, siren or other type of dance wears. Girls must choose the patterns of modern fashion right to show your curves. Sometimes when girls attend the evening party, such as Halloween or Christmas day, who would like to choose the dress with a single color.

However, the trend of fashion undergoes a great change this year, some animal print styles are becoming more and more popular nowadays. As you can find, a great prom will be the brightest star on the occasion. But how to measure short prom dresses should be considered for our girls. There are four steps that we can do. The first step is to measure the size of BRA, am pleased to recall the arms should be relaxed, and make sure that the tape can through of the fullest part of your bust around your back.

The second step is the text of the waist, which is the smallest part of the waist. The third part is the measurement of your hips, you should measure the widest part if the hips, the last step is hollow edge, length is the shape of the neck to the heels. If you want to choose a color by itself, you can both go to the store and the web. There are several types of colors so you can choose, but make sure that the color you select should adjust to your prom dresses. Part of the lubricious material with textile industry will be most appropriate for the elegant woman. In general terms, the web sometimes shown colors for you, so it can take a decision before thinking big. If you have any questions they should be asking, you can choose to find the answer on the web, on the web many, are not the Q & A part, you could write the problem in part, and awaits the answer. It is very convenient to find the answer on the web too, if you want to save a bit of time to do so. What if you have a dress pattern in particular that you would like to do, you can choose the fabric for a Council. Please remember to leave e-mail on the web page, and then we can contact you via email, if there are some problems with cheap prom dresses.

European Parliament

Monday, August 5th, 2013

Coli outbreak that affects Germany. In Spain there has been no case of infection by this bacterium. Has it identified the companies involved? It’s two companies Spanish producers of cucumbers and a Dutch who might be implicated in the e. Coli outbreak. Network alert community food (RASFF) has communicated this fact to the Spanish Agency for food safety and nutrition which, in turn, has become known to the Junta de Andalucia, where these companies lie. Given this fact, the Board has already initiated proceedings with the undertakings concerned and appropriate measures have been taken to not to commercialize the involved batches of the product. The Ministry of health has stressed that although cucumbers are of Spanish production, it is necessary further research in order to find out throughout the entire chain in which phase has produced bacterial contamination. How it affects to Spanish exports? At the moment, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Russia and the Czech Republic have already withdrawn Spanish vegetables in their respective markets, with all the losses that this means for Spanish exports in this sector in Europe.

The Spanish fruit and vegetable sector predicts that the health alert caused in Germany can cause damage billionaires and cascading in this market, which made exports amounting to around 200 million euros a week. On the other hand, the State Secretary of Rural Environment and water, Josep Puxeu, claimed Sunday that the confusing information, assumptions, suggestions and from speculations of Germany have already caused great damage to agriculture and agri-food Spanish, which exports each year more than 10 billion euros in turnover. Spain is the top exporter of cucumber to the country German, with 450 million kilograms per year. That is why representatives of Asaja, COAG, UPA, agri-food cooperatives and Fepex consider that the German authorities should be rectified to restore the confidence of foreign markets and offset Spanish producers for damage caused. What is the Protocol to be followed before an alert food? Legislation adopted by the EU on food safety imposes on economic operators the general obligation to market only food that is safe.

According to article 50 of the Regulation (EC) 178/2002 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 28 January 2002, the alert food surge in those circumstances where there is a risk to life or health. The basic principle of acting in the case that there is scientific uncertainty is prevention. Therefore this document sees the networking of laboratories of quality, at regional and/or interregional level, essential to perform continuous monitoring of food security when it comes to prevention of potential risks to the health of citizens. The food traceability system is fundamental for concer the origin of the food that is marketed. Hence other mechanisms that enhance food safety is through a comprehensive system of traceability within food companies so that, in the case of an alert as a from the cucumbers, you can proceed to withdraw this product in specific and precise amounts, or to inform a consumers or to officials responsible for the scrutiny.

Show Business

Sunday, August 4th, 2013

It seems that many "motivational speakers" are in show business. You will be taught how to cry out to project their inner strength and how to jump and dance to celebrate their future success to the tune of "we are the champions" or else you can think of put that diskjockey become a motivational speaker. You will remember traumatic moments and / or emotional of his life among the darkness surrounded by candles, with steam similar to the best club and high-tech speakers broadcast music ready for you to have the sensitivity to the surface and is easier to handle. Other times will convince you to walk on burning coals for you to believe it can withstand all types of pain. Is it a burn on their feet similar to the pain of infidelity? They will laugh to tears, they will participate, play like a child. They will break wooden blocks to represent that can break your own mental blocks.

Even you will note some phrases and hopefully will be home the last full-color brochure of your favorite Guru. Then all those fireworks last few days and the reasons will be back on the floor and will require the "motivator" to return. Thus many people are being "trained" indiscriminate and brazenly "motivators" who do not know real personal growth and only specialize in creating wealth for themselves and for organizations seeking to squeeze their workers to obtain higher profits. The speaker's ego is so inflated it could travel on it.

European Centre

Sunday, August 4th, 2013

It is still hard to get used to the idea that nature, people and whole groups can be involved in the rhythmic element invisible storms. So, resembling Thomas unbeliever should refer to a fait accompli. For purity of the experiment say that the prognosis of rhythmic storm with a specified period was posted on the website of the European Centre for Forecasting at the end of March 2011, when no one could predict future trends events. A paper on this subject was presented April 7 at this blog site, where the rhythmic to the nearest storm, is scheduled for April 11-12, 2011, had nothing at all. Its social characteristics in common was: "It is enough can easily arise social conflicts and disputes in the team. And also drawn some documents related to the events of the previous period "(ie the events of the period of rhythmic storm April 3-7).

To understand what kind of documents can be filed on April 11-12, will follow the events announced by the media, from 3 to 7 number. Hearings were held in Belarus in the U.S. Congress, where participants agreed that the rule "last dictator in Europe" soon to an end. Then suddenly leaked information that the Belarusian military help Gaddafi to stay in power. Then, the OSCE called on Belarus to cooperate in the investigation of the events of 19 December. And finally – the European Union discussed the possibility of imposing economic sanctions against Belarus and has decided to specifically discuss the imposition of economic sanctions against the Lukashenko regime next week. That is exactly the same week, when directly on Monday, at the peak of the predicted 11-12 April 2011 storm, rhythmic, and there was an explosion in the Minsk metro.