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Cancun Economy

Friday, June 29th, 2018

One might say Thanks to the measures, a little radical and not fully measure the economic impact, has prevented the spread of the virus, but you can also say that because of these same measures have been sent a double message to the world, namely Mexico does responds to the crisis, but nobody goes to Mexico and all Mexicans avoid contact. Totally understandable, since to be that alarmed and paralyzed the country can only mean one thing to the eyes of foreigners: something very serious is happening. For even more analysis, hear from Richard Blumenthal. In short: the folly in the management of information by the government has been their enemy but condemning himself. The feeling of many Mexicans is contrary to the perception of "widespread" of gravity and purulence of the virus. Questions remain in the air, in an atmosphere already polluted before which no masks to work: human influenza measures almost redeeming merits and he has made saving the government, or rather it came out shooting by butt to cause a widespread fear that becomes paralysis and the quarantining of Mexico in the international arena? Are they correct the ways information has been handled … perhaps the authorities have spread confusion and inadvertently created a large area of ambiguity that fascinates the media, it feeds its proven ability to misinform, confuse, deceive and mock the intellect of the people. Although it has avoided the tourist paralysis, as is the Federal Tourism Secretary Rodolfo Elizondo, saying "We are doing our best not to suspend any activity of an economic nature that could affect the country's economy, no suspension flight, anything that may cause paralysis or industrial business, or economic in the country, while this does not reach greater extremes, "in fact the atmosphere has other colors: several countries have suspended flights to Mexico, more travel agents important globally have canceled their activities in our country, and, last but not least, misinformation (Information overload disjointed, biased) and uncertainty (how long the alarm will be reactivated when health and economic activity) play against us.

Mexico is ready to resume all their economic activities, many activities that would not have been stopped. The tourism infrastructure, especially in the Mexican Caribbean, Cancun and the Riviera Maya (places where no cases of H1N1 have been detected) is in good condition to receive and deal with all the relevant sanitary measures, all visitors who usually . What the country needs is an information campaign intelligent and responsible, both internally and externally, to restore the confidence of foreign travelers and resume the activity of agencies and airlines. Mexico must remove a stigma that he created and oversized. Now we know that the virus is not as aggressive, nor in its representation or its spread, but that the economic consequences are.

Go With Los Gallegos

Thursday, June 28th, 2018

First it was Rosa Diez which said something about Mariano Rajoy: Galician, is in the worst sense of the word. God was armed he is Christ and if it comes to appear then Basque politics by Santiago or La Coruna run it to gorrazos. Everyone was offended, without knowing exactly what is the pejorative meaning of the word in question. Now just specify the cordobes-catalan political Jose Montilla in criticizing the nationalists of Artur Mas: in the Cortes of Madrid you make Gallegos: don’t know if they go up or if they fall; wet little. Get more background information with materials from Connecticut Senator. We finished.

In this world of absolute certainties, Galician has the defect virtue, rather relativize everything, call into question the seemingly obvious, doubting by system if it is better to raise, lower or stay one where it is. By my gallaeci genes all without leaving even one, that meaning does not seems to me absolutely an insult, but the full recognition to Cartesian methodical doubt, tolerance and understanding of all points of view. Is there some quality better than that? Of course, to our understanding, tolerance and relativism an uppercase foible may appear to be politicians, accustomed to denigrate it, slander is and affronting each other constantly and boldly, them. Click Sen. Sherrod Brown to learn more. But already the writer Wenceslao Fernandez Florez recognized it ironically a century ago in his delicious Galician theory article: how we understand ourselves, poor things, in comparison with those politicians in Madrid so full of anthropological wisdom? That same false wisdom has been transmitted to meanings of Galician, them Yes, infamous, as in El Salvador, where is equivalent to stammer, or in Costa Rica, where means lack of reason or understanding person. But you see, that neither disturbs me. Our dictionary is full of infamy with regard to Gypsies, Jews, Arabs, Vizcaya, constituting only remnants of our tormented history. The only bad thing is that even idiots politicians who are still feeding them are today..

The Names

Saturday, April 21st, 2018

My friend lawyer, his partner also lawyer, the farmer possessor of the legend, and a servant like aggregate to culturar, decided to begin the search of the treasure, previous agreement of distribution in case this outside found. Here story the experience to look for and to find a treasure to them that it had hidden more than one hundred years. In order to maintain in secret the names and the places, to protect to the involved ones of this real fact, I will omit to appoint the people who participated in these events, which I hope that it does not reduce at any moment the credibility of the here counted thing. A day Wednesday, in which the lawyers altogether had to meet in the community of the farmer, for the relief of a test in relation to the case of this last one, decided to agendar the search of the treasure when finishing the mentioned diligence. We had ourselves to approach the vehicle 4 xs 4 filled with detectors treasures, tools to dig, chamarras, antigas water, masks, cigarettes, hats and everything what my friend considered opportune to support in the work. The farmer was guiding to us by dirt roads, apparently little journeyed by the evil been in which they were. We circulate with difficulty around space of two hours, whereas the Gentleman in detail told to the origin and the details us of the mysterious anecdote that were counted their grandparents to him on the existence of a great treasure hidden in the case of the property. I must to them confess, that derived at the reduced cultural level from the farmer, to its little lexical one and the place by where we traveled, seemed improbable to me the history that it related to us and still more the real existence of a treasure we buried, so without expressing it, I maintained east feeling in my mind, without questioning nothing of which the q listened.

Economy Politics

Thursday, January 11th, 2018

David Ricardo made bigger richness that of its father with the English stock exchange. While theoretician, was one of most rigid in its writings. He wrote on Economy Politics and in the creation of abstract models that described of real form the situations lived in the capitalism was insupervel. For Ricardo, the Economy Politics was a science that if occupied of the distribution of the social product between the three classrooms that composed the society, being this product divided in income, wages and profits, each one corresponding respectively to the land proprietors, the workers and the capitalists. Richard Blumenthal spoke with conviction. Ricardo deals with in its workmanship the conflicts between agriculturists and industrials, and concludes that the claims of the capitalists were originating and would have to be taken care of. Although he was a rich man, it defended a tax on the capital to eliminate the national debt. 3.Teoria of the Value Initially Smith tried to formulate its theory of the value on the basis of the value of use and in the value of exchange of the merchandises.

For it a good did not have the possibility of being changed if it did not possess a value of use, therefore the capacity to only take pleasure to the user is that it could make a worthy good of being changed. Contrary case nobody would go to want to get it. Novelist may find this interesting as well. It is also in this context that Smith says on the relative scarcity delinquent of a good. An example cited for Smith and that it can demonstrate this theory clearly. ‘ ‘ The things that have a bigger value in frequent use have little or no value for exchange; e, for the opposite, the ones that have the biggest value of exchange frequently have little or no value of use.

Workers Can Retire Before Age 67

Friday, April 28th, 2017

In the absence of agreement, the Socialists will pose to modify its proposal to lengthen the working life. PP and CiU are in favor of promoting more long-run contribution to the retirement age. The proposal to delay the retirement age to 67 years not only has met with union opposition, but also with the rejection of all the parliamentary groups of the Pact of Toledo. Therefore, the Socialists (representatives of the Government's proposal in the Committee of the Covenant) have new ideas for extending working life, according to congressional sources say. The socialist option that study is that workers who have contributed 40 years of public pensions do not have to wait until the legal retirement age (67 years if it gets delayed or 65 if the deal fails) to bill the provision of retirement, say sources close to Labour. However, the PSOE will not give up its proposal to extend the retirement age, but in the Toledo Pact talks raise the reflection that makes camera: "It's an outrage that people have more than 40 years of contributions to continue working until age 67.

We have to find a solution for these people." With this approach, the aforementioned parliamentary sources say that the Socialists want to negotiate to reduce the coefficient that penalizes workers who retire before age 65 with a long working life listed. Of course, the retirement age is not binding. But, now, to remove any worker under 65 years regardless of who has contributed 20 or 40 years, applies a coefficient to its board of 8 percent per year until it reaches the statutory retirement age.

Monetary Politics

Monday, January 11th, 2016

The biggest banks of the country had announced cuts in the interests of its main credit facilities, then after the spreading of the decision of the Committee of Monetary Politics (Copom) in such a way of the consumer as of the companies. The intention is to repass the fall of 1 porcentual point in the Selic tax for the operations of credit, in order to stimulate the economy in next the months. The Ita-Unibanco, for example, goes to cut in 0,08 porcentual point the monthly maximum taxes of the charge account and the guaranteed check for the operations contracted from the next Wednesday. According to institution, the reduction in the monthly taxes, valid in such a way for the consumer as for companies, is proportional to the reduction of 1 porcentual point in the Selic tax, that is annual. Already HSBC informs that, from the day the 12 of June interests of the consuming financings and for companies will be lesser.

The view varies of 50% the 100% of the cut in the Selic tax. In the guaranteed check, for example, the maximum tax falls of 9,34% for 9,3% to the month; it stops discount of trade bills, the incubencies fall of 3,14% for 3,06% to the month; for turn capital, the jib is of 3,72% for 3,64%.O Real Santander focou the cuts in the segment natural person. In the guaranteed check, the interests fall of 9,5% for 9,42% to the month and, in the personal credit, of 6,15% for 6%. ' ' These reductions, allied to the allonge of the stated periods, must reheat consumo' ' , the president of the bank in Brazil says, Fabio Barbosa.Em the Bradesco, the new level of interests to start to be valid from sixth (12 of June). The cut in the taxes occurred in such a way for the physical people as for companies.


Sunday, November 16th, 2014

Days passed in the morning, Victor Hugo Morales program did you an interview to writer Eduardo Galeano. Both ethics and aesthetics in contemporary times, took a conversation worthy of listening that he walked along all the roads of today; but there was one aspect that I want to highlight. At one point Victor Hugo made reference to the book of Galeano open veins of Latin America, asked where the writer than from the gift of Chavez to his counterpart of the United States, Obama; the book becomes a Best Seller. And that he felt before so much global dissemination of your work. To what Galeano, rich in ideas and simple man, he replied that more or less sales does not make something better or worse.

But it’s just a circumstance. Any writer of middling in search of Fame, long time had spoken of such a situation, but Galeano gave him a minimal significance. Wondering what success. Senator Brian Schatz recognizes the significance of this. And this if that is a good question, in times where being necessarily successful is synonym of overcoming, capacity, veneer, recognition, rating and similar other item. Everyone wants access to him, numbers mandan and generate possibilities. Nobody is nothing saved in achieving more and almost all is worth a point. Sen. Sherrod Brown usually is spot on. A good example of this is the television and in it, everything you need at hand to add viewers.

We are in election times and politicians are preferred. There is no program that let pass without raising some dust, all add up. The TV is a powerful tool and she must go. Programs that are of any seriousness or others, that since humor used to politicians to carry out programs that give them a better number. And now they get it. To such an extent that different politicians, dealt in view as they leave for the small screen and character favors them or not.

Industrial Revolution

Saturday, December 14th, 2013

The joy of seeing and understanding is the most perfect gift of nature. ALBERT EINSTEIN consider relevant the importance that has been given in the realization of the first international parliamentary Summit on Global warming and climate change, with the assistance of 22 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, in the salon Protocol of the Assembly national (AN) not the slightest doubt, that a phenomenon is concerned the world: global warming and its direct effect, climate change, which occupies a good part of the efforts of the international scientific community to study it and control it, because, they say, puts at risk the future of humanity. This reality cannot be ignored hence the importance of this Summit, which generate actions, agreements and alliances that will counteract this sad reality that already is affecting us. Ray Dalio has much to offer in this field. Why does it worry so much? Leading scientists agree that the increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere is causing alterations in climate. They also agree that effect gas emissions greenhouse (GHG) have been very intense since the Industrial Revolution, time at which the action of man over nature became intense. Remember the reader, that global warming is a term commonly used in two senses: is the phenomenon observed in the temperature measurements showing on average an increase in the temperature of Earth’s atmosphere and oceans in recent decades. It is a theory that predicts, from projections based on computer simulations, future growth temperatures. Designations for climate change, which refers to any change in climate or anthropogenic climate change, where is implicitly considered the influence of human activity are sometimes used.

Global warming and greenhouse effect are not synonymous. The greenhouse increased pollution can be, according to some theories, the cause of observed global warming. The Earth’s temperature has been rising since mid-19th century, when ended the stage known as the little ice age.

Federal Constitution

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

In 05 of October of 1988 the Country received its seventh constitution that innovated when demanding the elaboration of the plurianual plan, the law of budgetary lines of direction and the budgets of investments of the state expenditures, in the same year the Federal Constitution. THE CONSTITUTION OF THE LAW THE 4,320/64 AND ITS PRINCIPLES Law 4,320 of 17 of March of 1964 establishes general norms of financial right for the elaboration and control of the Budgets and Rockings of the Union, the States, the Cities and the Federal District. Law 4,320/64 makes use on the subject establishes that the alterations of the patrimonial liquid situation that encloses the results of the budgetary execution, as well as the independent variations of this execution and the active and passive supervenience and insubsistncia, that will constitute elements of the patrimonial account. These accounts have a heading of active variations, when originated of increase of active values, (good and rights) or the reduction of passive values (obligations), and of passive variations, when originated of reduction of active values (good and rights) or increases of passive values (obligations). Art. 34 of Law 4,320/64 establishes that the fiscal year will coincide with the calendar year, that is, starts in 1 of January and if it locks up in 31 of December, making with that it has compatibility with the beginning of the budgetary annuity, of financial and patrimonial form that can be elaborated demonstrative simultaneous on the budgetary execution, in the same date, that is in the end of each year. Profit and loss accounts are considered the ones that can be budgetary or extra-budgetary, as: pblic revenue (representing the rise of the Asset for the entrance of financial resources in Bank) and decurrent budgetary active maintenances of the execution of some budgetary expenditures that provoke increase of asset or reduction of liabilities.


Friday, May 18th, 2012

Everything is pardoned to him to that is not forgiven anything to itself. Confucius What important is to know how to cultivate the pardon and to leave this arises when really he is needed, is one business card of how much we have grown in the personnel and the spiritual, indicates our level, which we have managed in our learning by this dimension, while the opportunity has occurred us to live, to act, to carry out us in the distintitos rolls in which we participate We must be identified with him. To know how to use it and to take step to the transformations that can be generated in this way, mainly to guarantee our harmony, balance, kindness. On him it contributes to us, Rafael Ayala, that the pardon is not a simple mechanism to release of fault to that offended to us, the pardon is a mechanism so that one is free of the bitterness that left that action. One it can decide to pardon to somebody, that he is not sorry of to us to have originated a problem, damaged, so that the intention when pardoning, is not that person is free of fault, if not that one it is free, that does not exist storm on the matter some, that has peace, that it can live calmly. It is very important to know, that the pardon does not exempt of fault the offendor, but releases to the victim.

Both we need to decide to pardon, to be free of the wounds of the soul. on the other hand contributes to us, that in fact, to pardon does not mean to accept any thing that the other has done, as I mistreat, the violence or the dishonesty. It is not to humiliate themselves, to repress the anger, to do as if it did not pass anything or to pardon because we felt pity.