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Spanish Habsburg

Sunday, December 29th, 2013

So long and multinational race would be forced then to a new phase, perhaps much bloodier than the previous, where political power and the many alliances between states would be common practice. Prague, the prelude to Westphalia hasty retreat from the battlefield, Wallenstein, that Czech military talent, had to return to Germany with empty hands and with a searing defeat in tow. The ingratitude of Ferdinand II, who rebelled just learned of the defeat, he forgot his past successes and just returned, sent him to monitor, secure the old warrior was conspiring against him. Dangerously helpless, the Habsburg foresaw the imperative need to form alliances that will provide a new army. His hope then went to his son Philip (later Philip III of the House of Augsburg) who had been crowned as king of Hungary, Bohemia and King of the Romans. The diplomatic skills brought excellent results.

Astute and persuasive, he knew also attract the favor of the Cardinal-Infante Ferdinand of Habsburg, the owner of the Spanish Habsburg possessions in Milan (Italy). After one year Lutzen's defeat, Ferdinand II planted them fight again. On September 6, 1634, at the Battle of Nordlingen, Bernard of Saxe-Weimar was defeated by the combined forces of Hungary, Milan, Bohemia and Catholic League. The victory was lost in a matter of months all previously been won by Gustavus Adolphus. His successor, Gustavo de Horn had to undertake a return to Stockholm deeply ashamed. He had underestimated too Ferdinand II. And longed for as soon as possible, a new defense. But their desires were temporarily disabled by the peace of Prague, signed by the Emperor of Holy Roman Emperor, Ferdinand II, and most of the Protestant states of the empire.

Great Khan

Saturday, December 28th, 2013

It had of being Spain, more still of 1492, when Granada, the last remainder of the mouro Empire, established in the Peninsula since century IX, pulled down ahead of the Spaniard. With the fall of Granada in 1492, Fernando and Isabel solidly were established, ready for an alliance of its absolute monarchy with the feudal Church and the nobility. Such enterprise without support of a government was impossible, that is, without a king or prince for backwards. Columbus was a fervoroso catholic. When its trip for west argued, never left of side the religious aspects: to convert ' ' pagos' ' dasia to the catolicismo to use its gold to reconquer of the mouros the engaged Land. It believed that its enterprise was Christian and that it had the aid of God. In those years, the Spanish monarchs had not only perceived that they had little to lose if they gave Colombo ten percent on all the wealth proceeding from the New World, brought for it, but for any person, forever, for itself and its heirs.

He demanded the heading of ' ' vice-rei' ' , and of ' ' admiral of mar' ' , among others honors. The kings had granted everything to it what he desired. It received a passport real and a letter of the king and the queen to be delivers to the Great Khan, emperor of China, according to Landmark stories Polar region. The majority of the costs of the trip was guaranteed by the genoveses bankers. It was a trip to the stranger, a stubborn change of coasting trade for opened sea, was a carried through act never. The majority of the population was constituted of men of the locality, professional sailors. It had also on board used Dos Reis that had the task to write down and to register events and on the wealth brought for the ship.

Columbus arrived at America in 12 of October of 1492. The Spanish monarchs had only invested in this risky adventure in the hope of many profits. Columbus always affirmed in its letters the kings whom much gold had there, therefore it believed this. The joined gold was, however, in small amount and this it took Columbus to the discredit for the investors of such company. Columbus carried through other trips and explored the islands, however, its searches had been frustrated and it immediately did not have its recognized merit for its fact of ' ' to discover ' ' New Mundo' ' , even though the name of the continent was given in homage the Amrico Vespcio, that did not have nor rank there the feet. Much later it only is that the grandiosidade of the fact of Columbus was perceived: the conquest of the American continent, that with its gold and tropical products had revolutionized the European economy. Fernando, its son, was one of responsible for the whitewashing and the merit granted to its father, through the daily one of target log book rewrote the history of the conquest of America, that made with that it devoted itself as true conqueror of America.

Russia Wheels

Friday, December 27th, 2013

That is why Mercedes wheels can be manufactured in such factories, and to comply with the Mercedes brand on wheels can be put cap with a company logo. One rule, perhaps you need to know all motorists. Reduce the number of razbotrirovok when changing the tire with a summer to winter will help the existence of a double set of wheels. So you can extend the life of wheels. It becomes clear that this is important, especially when drives are so expensive as Mercedes. That's why it will be right once to get two sets of wheels and tires to buy for winter and summer.

Modern wheels – direct descendants of the ancient wheels. Of course, the wheels of modern cars are much more functional, and technologically prettier than the old wooden wheels. Naturally, that should not be compared with modern wheels and metal wheels of old. Soften bumps before helping tire rubber, which is worn on a solid wheel rim, then the modern long life wheels. Richard Blumenthal may not feel the same. Thus, the present wheel – an alliance of wheels and tires alone components which make no sense.

Today, applied cast, forged and steel wheels. For the conditions in Russia are more suitable forged wheels, as they are particularly strong. A light alloy wheels have become so popular due to the fact that they do not actually design capabilities are limited. Each motorist today, for sure, dreams of having his car had the original parts, especially when it comes to Mercedes, BMW or other expensive and prestigious foreign car. But if such dreams are justified (it is the quality and decorative component)? Most car dealers and auto parts argue that the need to buy only original spare parts when choosing accessories for vehicles to take into account the popularity and reputation manufacturer and use common sense. To date, most manufacturers do not manufacture their own parts, and have contracts to supply other manufacturers. Details for major concerns of their cars picked up at a very high standard. Contract for the production of spare parts is usually on a competitive basis with the best. For example, the supply of conveyor wheels for well-known German companies involved in such famous companies as Ronal Gmb, Replica. That is why the Mercedes drives can be made at such factories, and to comply with the Mercedes brand on wheels can be put cap with a company logo. One rule, perhaps you need to know all motorists. Reduce the number of razbotrirovok when changing tire with a summer to winter will help the existence of a double set of wheels. So you can extend the life of wheels. It becomes clear that this is important, especially when drives are so expensive as Mercedes. That's why it will be right once to get two sets of wheels and tires to buy for winter and summer.

Achievement Dreams

Friday, December 20th, 2013

To achieve our dreams, goals and targets we need others. As they say, teamwork, ie all persons who currently are helping and supporting you positively to achieving your dream. Do you have the people who positively vibrate with what you crave and want to achieve? “Live with people who understand your desires and even more say and encourage you? Without a real support group, a personal coach or a team that shares your vision, it is impossible to achieve dreams, or at least that they can be much more difficult to achieve. We need people who believe in us, respect us, they feel that what we want to make sense and more so that regardless of where we are at this moment, they think like you, that you can achieve. We also need, we need people who believe in us, who believe in our projects, from building a house, a city, a building, a book, so any project, even a big family. Inventing a new product or service any personal or business initiative needs the energy and support of people who vibrate at the same wavelength as the one pushing the idea. So I invite friends find or create groups that support their dreams, their initiatives, look for people who sincerely and honestly support their dreams, and in turn Uds.

support the dreams of your team members, remember we are all members of a same body, but everyone has their talents, qualities and virtues. Find your allies, establishing strategic alliances, and push forward their lives with the help of positive people. It is very important that you meet people you can imitate, people who have already come a way in which you want to travel, probably more than the teacher, but it is important to learn from people who are few or many steps above you. This requires humility, to take your hat off to absorb and learn from the experience and knowledge of people who are inviting your personal journey.

Industrial Revolution

Saturday, December 14th, 2013

The joy of seeing and understanding is the most perfect gift of nature. ALBERT EINSTEIN consider relevant the importance that has been given in the realization of the first international parliamentary Summit on Global warming and climate change, with the assistance of 22 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, in the salon Protocol of the Assembly national (AN) not the slightest doubt, that a phenomenon is concerned the world: global warming and its direct effect, climate change, which occupies a good part of the efforts of the international scientific community to study it and control it, because, they say, puts at risk the future of humanity. This reality cannot be ignored hence the importance of this Summit, which generate actions, agreements and alliances that will counteract this sad reality that already is affecting us. Ray Dalio has much to offer in this field. Why does it worry so much? Leading scientists agree that the increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere is causing alterations in climate. They also agree that effect gas emissions greenhouse (GHG) have been very intense since the Industrial Revolution, time at which the action of man over nature became intense. Remember the reader, that global warming is a term commonly used in two senses: is the phenomenon observed in the temperature measurements showing on average an increase in the temperature of Earth’s atmosphere and oceans in recent decades. It is a theory that predicts, from projections based on computer simulations, future growth temperatures. Designations for climate change, which refers to any change in climate or anthropogenic climate change, where is implicitly considered the influence of human activity are sometimes used.

Global warming and greenhouse effect are not synonymous. The greenhouse increased pollution can be, according to some theories, the cause of observed global warming. The Earth’s temperature has been rising since mid-19th century, when ended the stage known as the little ice age.

Caribbean Trade

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

International trade in Venezuela policy implications more direct in the operation of joint ventures created and that they have contributed to the decline in unemployment with bilateral agreements with Cuba, Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, Iran, Russia and Belarus, for example, there has also been important activities in the development of the production of machinery for agriculture with the support of IranArgentina and Belarus. However, there are weaknesses opportunities, threats and identifiable strengths in this case weaknesses in Venezuela Venezuelan international trade policy has technological sovereignty and this does not depend on the countries most developed to be able to delve into ambitious programs and agreements has made so far have failed to advance these programs administrative bureaucracy that exists in the operation of the agreements since these are delayed and there are higher costs and loss of time.Or the small Venezuelan companies little involved in the international policies because they don’t have sufficient resources to venture into other markets. Opportunities for being character Dynamics Venezuelan international trade policy, companies can venture into other markets using these agreements and conventions. If there were agreements between the Government and the private sector, would make more agreements or arrangements between highly competitive enterprises in the technological area which Venezuelan companies could make strategic alliances of importance for its development. Petrochemical plays a very important factor in international trade policy since 95% of what we see and touch day today comes from this industry and there is a possibility that the Venezuelan businessman can be more creative in this area to tune then the agreements with other international companies of the same sector. Threats countries that make agreements with Venezuela are away for not sharing the same political ideal, because there would be a cessation of activities between both countries. Conflicts between the the Government and private sector the fall of crude oil prices, since most of the agreements are based on this resource and budgets would be affected under this scenario.

Strengths Venezuela political ideal has friends who share your same and as long as these exist will remain durable in time its policy of international trade, Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras, some islands of the Caribbean, Belarus, Iran, Ecuador, Bolivia the Government has managed to emerge victorious from the conflict more difficult in Venezuelan history, the oil strike was one of them and this gave him the strength to control the industry and make their projects without greater interference. Venezuelan international trade policy has created the Convention of ALBA and each passing year has included other countries and this has given him greater strength to its international policy. Some suggestions in the field of international trade the Venezuelan businessman should identify correctly the investment opportunities in the country under the current Government and its trade policy external. Venezuelan companies should seek viable alternatives to lessen the impact of the policies imposed by the current Government such as the exchange control and currency, regulation and standards present in the destination country as there are of the ALBA countries which can offer many investment opportunities a little. At the same time, the Government should be a little more flexible in the allocation of currencies with some national productive sectors such as SMEs in all sectors commercial industrial and service.


Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

The Alliance is already focused on planning the transition after the fall of Gaddafi, that provide for safe, although not put date. In addition, they will study get a resolution that would allow in the future deploy troops in the future to ensure the democratization of Libya. Chacon will propose an indefinite extension of the Spanish military mission. NATO will continue its operations in Libya during all the time that is necessary to achieve its military objectives, although it considers that it is time to plan the era post-Gaddafi with an important role of the UN. Senator Brian Schatz may not feel the same. Dnsa Ministers allies, meeting in Brussels, agreed on Wednesday that will keep the pressure everything what is necessary, said the Secretary general of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, in press conference, where he said that Gaddafi is history Dnsa holders held a meeting which analyses the operation guard unified in Libya and the Alliance internal restructuring. Rasmussen said that the allies have made clear advances since the military operation began in March, have prevented a massacre in Benghazi, have slowed the siege to Misrata and have significantly reduced the military forces of Colonel Gadafi capacity, although, he warned, are still a threat.

In this context, the Ministers ratified the decision to extend another 90 days operation in Libya from June 27 and stressed its commitment to the mission, including the provision of military capabilities needed to continue with the intervention and to finish it, said Rasmussen. The general Secretary stressed that NATO has the capabilities necessary to continue his mission, although he acknowledged that he would like a more flexible use of military assets contributed by countries. In this line, it appealed to other allied countries expand their support, in order to ensure the sustainability of the mission. Libya without Qaddafi Dnsa holders agreed, moreover, that the time has come plan the day after the conflict.