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Monday, November 27th, 2017

The first mention of DDoS-attacks had already in 1996, but serious about this problem only started talking at the end of 1999. The reason was the disabling of a Web server such major corporations as Amazon, Yahoo, CNN, eBay, etc. Since then, reports of DDoS-attacks on one or long. Scheme of DDoS-attacks is this: to select as a victim server bombarded stream of false requests from multiple computers with different parts of the world simultaneously. As a result, the server spends all its resources to service these inquiries and is virtually inaccessible to ordinary users.

The most interesting is that users with computers that are sent to the false results may not even suspect that their car used by hackers. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Sen. Sherrod Brown and gain more knowledge.. And these computers are called "zombies." There are many ways of "zombies" – from entering the unprotected network to use the programs Trojans. Particularly vulnerable in this respect are local network of businesses and educational institutions, which have permanent broadband internet connection. This is due to the presence of high-speed communication channels and a relatively weak anti-virus protection. Most often, DDoS-attacks using three-tier architecture, which is called cluster DDoS. In its basis, the management console (there may be several), the same computer from which a hacker sends a signal to start the attack by distributing their resources, and analyzing the statistics involved "botnets". Usually, this laptop connected to the Internet via mobile phone or satellite channel, since access to the network so hackers use all sorts of tricks to work through anomayzery to disguise the real IP, not to be discovered.

Moscow Reconstruction

Monday, November 27th, 2017

Ownership the unauthorized structure can not be considered for these parties if conservation construction violates the rights and lawful interests of others or endanger the life or health of citizens. RF Code of Administrative Offences of Art. 9.5 establishes administrative liability for violation of the construction of a fine. Our company deals not only with registration of licenses for construction, but also helps in getting building permits outside Moscow suburban real estate and real estate in Moscow. We can help you obtain a permit and a license to build a fairly short period of time. Permission for the construction of suburban – a document certifying the right of the owner, the owner, occupant or user of the property to carry out land development, construction, reconstruction, building, construction and facilities landscaping. Construction of cottages, country homes, rehabilitation facilities, as well as their repair, if you hold it addresses structural and other characteristics of reliability and safety of such installations is carried out under a building permit.

A construction permit is issued in the Moscow region by the local government (head of district administration). Permission to Construction shall take effect from the date of its receipt and shall be issued for no more than 3 years. A construction permit may be renewed upon application of the customer. The procedure and the period of extension of the permit for construction shall be established by local governments. Construction permit is issued in two copies. One copy is given developer. The second copy is stored in the archives of the local government. We draw your attention to the fact that not all cases require a building permit. In accordance with paragraph 17 of Art. 51 of the Town Planning Code, the issuance of a building permit is not required if: 1) construction of a garage on land provided by the individual, or construction on the land, provided for the conduct of gardening, holiday farms, and 2) construction, reconstruction, not which are the objects of capital construction (kiosks, canopies, etc.), and 3) building on a plot of the auxiliary buildings and structures used, and 4) changes in capital construction and (or) parts thereof, if such changes do not affect the structural and other characteristics of their reliability and safety, do not violate the rights of third parties and do not exceed the permitted limit options for construction, reconstruction, existing town planning regulations, 5) other cases, if in accordance with this Code, the legislation of the Russian Federation on the town planning permit for construction is required.

Young Naturalist

Saturday, November 25th, 2017

Before I could finish on the indisputable advantages of small household technology, as a man passing by asked as a gift to a self-cleaning shaver. Present? 6. Palm Pilot – something between a laptop and a pocket notebook. Kiberprodvinutye men are very fond of new-fangled electronic wonders of technology (the latest model of mobile phone worm for listening and a portable fridge). For the business person and a very busy student mai overlooking the tests and arriving late at Goodbye, – such a thing is absolutely necessary. Becoming as its owner, he certainly will not forget about the anniversary of your meeting (weddings, births, birthdays) and try to be home on time with a gift in your teeth. 7.

Clothing – the perfect gift for those members of the strong half of mankind who know everything about everything, they forget about how they look. They simply do not care why you povolnuytes for them and bring them into the divine form, giving a warm sweater, scarf or lingerie. In the choice of clothing should trust women, they also want their men look stylish and fashionable. 8. Tickets for the concert (in the theater, football, the circus), or an annual subscription to the magazine fhm, Men’s Health, Playboy, xxl, Young Naturalist” – Believe me, such a gift would be glad of any music lover, theatergoer, fans and latent Casanova.

Get on a concert of his favorite team or teams have been the limit of his dreams in the last few days, to subscribe the same time just lacked. Your resourcefulness and wit can only envy, and the ability to get the deficit – and even more so! 9. Cigars or alcohol – in such gifts are many advantages: you can always participate in sharing drinking and donated items. Try not to overdo it with any order, and not with others. If you manage to find Churchill smoked or Fidel Castro a cigar and a bottle of unfinished Quentin Tarantino “crystal”, you transcend itself. If looking for exclusive things just do not have time, buy a good bottle of red wine. And now for the bonus – “My best gift is ” Of course, you – beautiful, smart, sexy, festive and bright – like a Christmas toy Packed in elegant lingerie (no bows and gift wrapping paper), you will become the most desired gift for a loved one (as required)

Ecological Footprint

Friday, November 24th, 2017

For 35 years every April 22 the world celebrates Earth Day, a date which seeks to bring to reflection on the millions of men and women who populate the planet and that in one way or another we are committed to its "destruction" , or to be more optimistic, with its "preservation." This year, the global Earth Day Network (EDN), a network connecting more than 12,000 organizations in 174 countries and works all year to create a better future for the Earth, has decided, among other campaigns, to draw attention on the critical state of the environment, facing each citizen with their reality. To do so, has developed an original questionnaire to measure the ecological footprint of each respondent to honestly confront the test. "To protect our home, Earth, we must know our influence on it every day," says the introduction of the test. Each person has an impact. Learn more at: Sen. Sherrod Brown. The term Ecological Footprint measures how many hectares occupied by each person to maintain their level of consumption, and waste his side level.

Sometimes the results are alarming, to maintain the pace of life and consumption that we would need two or three planets similar to the one we have. Measure your Ecological Footprint Ecological Footprint of the 6 billion humans who populate the world is currently 30% larger than all the resources that exist. We are clearly on using the resources of our planet and quickly spending their environmental supply. At the same time, there is a significant percentage of people on Earth who does not have the basics for survival.

Entire Armenian World

Monday, November 20th, 2017

Turkish-Armenian protocols, publicized on August 31, remain in the public eye all the Caucasus, even though they were still signed on October 10 in Zurich, Switzerland. Now we are in even a certain sort of argument – which of the superpowers, the foreign ministers who attended and blessed the foreign ministers of Armenia and Turkey to sign these unfortunate instruments played a major role in that their signing ceremony did take place in "due time": State Department chief, Hillary Clinton and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, seemed to be "quietly looked to the end" soccer? True, the game between the teams do not Turkey and Armenia, and between Azerbaijan and Russia … The essence of football here is that from a purely sporting point of view of both the football match were "unnecessary" – Turks and Armenians have long lost the chance of anything in terms of travel the football World Cup in South Africa, Azerbaijanis – especially since, well, the Russians have long reserved the right to contest a ticket to a grand football world forum for additional meetings butt – as it turned out, with Slovenia. Therefore, it was clear – all present were more interested in the political component of the "football". As it turned out, the Turks and in football, and diplomacy is still trying to insist on – before only on the fact that they, in spite of the dictates of the superpowers, still independent "player", but the Russians apparently have prepared something for the Azerbaijanis in Baku, drove the ball on a draw. .

Republic Information

Monday, November 20th, 2017

In Maikop opens Center for Political Technologies, whose goal will be the development of information policy in the prevention of extremism. With this initiative at a recent meeting of the Republican anti-terrorist Commission by the President of Adygea Aslan Tkhakushinov. According to him, the information field to expand and make uniform, the broadcasting of television programs to interethnic and interfaith dialogue, must be available to all residents of the republic. It was decided to improve the quality television and radio programs, providing a greater presence in the grid Broadcasting Service "Adygea" subject headings such as "Azan", "Lay," "Ethnic groups of the republic." Head of the Republic also spoke about the need to create a permanent group of experts on the information counter extremism, ensuring the preparation and conduct regular outreach activities with the anti-terrorist theme the different categories of people, and above all – the youth. By the way, not so long ago, at a meeting of the Security Council in Anapa, Deputy Regional Development Minister Sergei Yurpalov, analyzing the socio-economic status SFD regions, identified several positive trends in Adygea. Thus, according to the Ministry of Regional Development in the Republic in the first half experienced the greatest growth in the south of the country's real income – 115.7 per cent. Adygea managed to reduce unemployment and to repay wage arrears. Experts have concluded that to achieve these results help to not only an effective anti-crisis program recipes, but support measures aimed at achieving social stability, including – for the prevention of interethnic and inter-ethnic conflicts.

Czech Republic

Sunday, November 19th, 2017

The action takes place in several directions. The new immigration law by the Parliament. Czech parties and all MPs are aware that without fresh infusions of foreign blood in the next ten years, Czech nation will begin to diminish and the population level will be negative. Yes, dear reader, do not be surprised, countries that have populations of less than thirty million people are exposed to and dependent on immigration inflows of human resources. Czech Republic with a population of ten million people is no exception. The preliminary study provided us with new entry requirements say that the Czech Republic plans to sharply reduce volume arriving immigrants. Ways were found quite different. Sen. Sherrod Brown takes a slightly different approach.

And as we see now control the country are not afraid of new statistical data on future demographic background of the Czech Republic. Well, what do see as the Czech Republic would cope Ukrainian workers without hands, Russian and brain infusion of real estate Czech Republic. The economy of this course will not collapse, but some industries are already experiencing difficulties, particularly the real estate industry is not the Czech Republic find wealthy buyers, and Czech banks worthy customers for loans. The main buyers of real estate in the Czech Republic and money using mortgage loans are the citizens of stan, Russia and Ukraine coming to the Czech Republic to live and do business. Recent studies of Czech economists have shown that the worst foreign businessmen have become citizens of Ukraine. Firms with Ukrainian founders a huge amount, and business and pay taxes on them zero.

German Federal

Thursday, November 16th, 2017

Since the beginning of the formation of post-Soviet Russian state ideology of reform was to introduce into the public consciousness persistent stereotype: "federal" – means a democratic, "unitary" – means a totalitarian. But those who call in academic and political circles "undemocratic" the unitary state of Europe, such as the UK – Cradle of parliamentarism, Spain, Italy, France, where attempts to federalization of the country democratically elected suppressed power structures? And the federal structure of postwar West Germany, made out active participation of the U.S. federal, divided up by region, German subethnos federation. Since the early 90s of last century Russian federalism in the North Caucasus being tough test for durability. In Currently, this long-suffering region is restarted ideology of ethnic separatism in the ideology of building a "Caucasian Emirate" of Sharia form of government, but such that the proponents of "pure Islam, "received death threats supporters association Circassians or mountain Turks in independent subjects of the federation. It’s believed that Ohio Senator sees a great future in this idea. Against the background of academic incantations about the formation of all-Russian civic identity, "mujahedin" Kabarda began bargaining with the authorities on the exchange of their heads cut off by police officers (born in Muslim families) in the body of Islamists killed in the attack on Nalchik in October 2005.

In the Internet there movie. He photographed fighters from Chechnya, who are past the camera with their faces open and the operator is their names. These people are about thirty years, they are not afraid either for themselves or for their relatives and does not hide their intentions.

The State

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

But what will come after a legitimate (in quotes or not) the victory Yushchenko? 1. The ongoing violent Ukrainization culture, education and society. 2. The absence of realizable and implement national strategies for economic development. 3. The weakening and destruction of the army.

4. Further growth of foreign debt. 5. Degradation of science and education. Must be soberly aware that yes, voting for Yushchenko, Ukraine voted for it all, but maintains itself as a sovereign and integral power, to five years to get a second chance, and choose a new leader of the state, capable of solving complex problems the system development. I believe that this is Ukraine and vote at this time, in 2010, the year. This means that over the next five years to grow a new leader of the state. Who can play the role of this historically important figure for Ukraine? 1.

Tihipko. It a possible candidate for the presidential election of 2015. He has no chance of winning in 2010. However, his team must make an effort to ensure that the 2010 election, he gained a significant number of votes. From my point of view, implemented their campaign today will not lead to this goal. Tigipko has an image of a banker who wanted to rule the country. But he can not demonstrate any sensible approach to solving the problem government. He then takes in particular, in the evidence. One gets the impression that Tigipko all the time so busy that he does not even have five minutes to quietly think about what, why and by what methods he is doing.

Effect Of Decentralization Policies On The Work Of State Mental Health

Sunday, November 12th, 2017

In 2001, in Indonesia as a result of the decentralization policy, the main powers of the federal government have been transferred to provincial and district levels, including the right to dispose of financial resources. However, the federal government continues to have a centralized budget. Responsibility for the work of state psychiatric hospitals has been delegated to the federal government authorities of the province. Security Service Mental health in the community are administered by district authorities. The budget of the Government expenditure on mental health and health insurance account for about 1.7% of the cost of health. Except for 3% of the budget for mental health, allocated to the department of mental health services of the Ministry of Health and four school nurses, public finance distinguished public psychiatric hospitals. The Ministry of Health there is no budget to fund mental health services in the community (for the treatment of chronic disease is responsible Ministry of Social Welfare).

At the provincial level budget ohranypsihicheskogo health services is 0.3% of the regional health budget. As a result of the decentralization policy in 1925 the central government clinics were handed over to regional authorities. The budget of the federal government declined from 146.8 billion rupees in 1999 to 63.5 billion in 2001. Although the objective of decentralization is to establish a monitoring system and support for mental health at the local level, still remains an open question whether it was helpful to the process of treating mental illness. The consequences of decentralization is not fully understood, as the government of the province do not have experience of budget funds in the mental health field, which had not been a priority for them..