However, it is rare that the communication follows for this way. Almost always, it deals with episdica form these questions, when they assume the format of the catastrophes, accidents of great ratios, and with little frequency if its abrangncia argues the relations of these problems in all. In a previous document on> implementation of the Convention of the Climate, Born (apud SOUSA; FERNANDES, 2002)) it writes that to have greater social pressure and politics around the subject it will be necessary to guarantee, the public, through the media, access to the information for the understanding of the aspects technician, institucional and social. It recognizes, however, that the call the great press has not played a function continued in the question of the change of the climate, but it believes that as well as it occurs with other sectors of the civil society, the media also can be enabled to deal with the ambient questions in a support perspective. Although it admits that the medias of mass have not looked for, throughout the years, to translate the association of the man with the way where it lives, Ziggiatti (2000) detaches that the communication is essential for the public awareness of segments of the society on as to act for the promotion of the sustainable development.


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