Google Adwords

The reality is that you can obtain a great amount from visitors to your site if you are using the network of content of Google in your niche of market. In this article I want to show a secret that you can use for, literally, to double the traffic that uses this network. The secret that you need to know: You must maintain your announcements in the position number 3, if it wants to maximize the traffic that is receiving from this source of traffic in your niche of market. The reason of because it is necessary to make sure to be in the position number 3 is because of that way they will be able to show these announcements in all the blocks of announcements of AdSense that are in the excellent pages to your niche of market. We must give account us of which when we do a supply of key words also we will find candidates in the position that we would like to have. Thus, the more it is the supply, the more above it will go based on your position. This means that your announcements are in more sites within your niche. The problem that the majority of people has with the content network is that generally they are around position 7 thus to receive traffic cheap.

What means that they will not have to pay as much by the traffic, but will not obtain a great amount of volume of traffic in this network, your announcement will not be in a great amount of sites. You have asegurarte testing respective of testeo and modifications so that your announcement is in number 3, so that you can receive more visitors to your site. The different forms to have a high position in Adwords besides bidding up but by certain keywords are to have an attractive announcement that calls to the action, to choose the excellent key words with our Web or page of landing, to structure of correct form our CSS of the page and to be changing contuniamente until having our announcement correctly. To prove it and to see if it works. I have found out that can duplicate to the traffic when trying this strategy. Original author and source of the article


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