A life insurance is the best acquisition than the human being can do, since at certain moment this one can make lack, but also is indispensable to count on the due legal representation to face as he must those cases in which we turned out to be victims. The indemnifications of damages or by damages and damages are not more than the power than you must to demand to him to whom have caused to the damage the payment to him equivalent to these. In the labor surroundings many employers make contingency not covered by law to this benefit that have their employees, whereas in situations of traffic accidents, it is seen involved a car, motorcycle, upsettings, among others also have produced that them can as it happens in many cases of occurring to the flight without being responsible for the caused damages. And it is at this moment where their insurance policy, duties and rights must become merit and it can obtain only it with the due representation of a lawyer. In Murcia, Spain, for example, the lawyers to the front of traffic accidents are many, in whose events their victims are abandoned, therefore the professional of the right sees itself in the obligation investigate from how the accident happened to giving with the whereabouts of the cause of the same, all this with the support of the other members in charge of competent institutions to clarify a road event. Those claims that they have to do with damages and injuries, sequels, elucidation of the case like so, must be into the hands of a good lawyer. You will be able to know that the road events to which are many you are exhibited, but in the same way also is possessor of rights that him slogan its Constitution and that only a jurist him can indicate the correct way to act in defense of them.


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