Orson Wells

In addition to writing a literature contradictory quirks in their political ideas triumph of socialism, or poses a socialism that upholds the capital (?). These two ancestors of the CF currents were influenced by scientism of the time and flying the cause of Darwin. The world was becoming smaller, French IISL Villier of Adam in the future era coins the term droid in the year 1886, a year later Frankenstein Mary Selley influence Quiroga Lugones and representativeness of the social moment. In early 1900, success came to Verne, Swift and Wells in Europe, while in the United States appeared space monsters, winged men and worms thinking, George Griffith created the space battles or Space Opera. 1926 Hugo Gernsback created Austouding magazine with stories, among others, Asimov. Brian W.

Angry Aldiss said of Hugo is the worst calamity ever fell on the field of CF. 1939 Campwell gender purified by exercising, according to Capanna a paternalistic dictatorship intolerable. It is projected the cult film Metropolis by Fritz Lang and spreads the famous and powerful radio version of The War of the Worlds with the usual panic that causes Orson Wells. They appear as Daniken ufologists. L. Ron Hubbard also wrote CF will create a cult called Dianetics with influences that last.

In 1944 a loose novel entitled Deadline Cartmill ahead the explosion of an atomic bomb when the project was still underway and it was top secret, the author stopped and then released. Hiroshima Nagasaki. The echoes of the pump is heard, the tangible reality of the end of the species was no longer a mere fantasy.

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