Paula Sheep

He is an outlaw. It does not fulfill lei' ' It bought votes and with this it demonstrated that not it gives? With certainty. But if it bought votes is because it had people that it vendeu and if it vendeu! together with its vote, vendeu its dignity and its right to complain! Who is useful ' ' vender' ' the vote, beyond so not giving, of being outlaw how much what ' ' comprou' ' , it does not have right of recamar against any banditry produced for who exerts some power. It does not have right to complain, nor that this against what complains, either made for another outlaw and that one for who the plaitiff if did not vendeu. To ' ' vender' ' the vote also vendeu its right to the voice! These lines, remembering ' ' Rotten Poderes' ' , not if they must only to the saudosista memory of a time where we fought the dictatorship. Time where to be against or speaking against, it implied in arrest danger.

Today it is a wonder. We can speak. We can, without fear, to point the imperfections of the dictators. Therefore it is that today we can speak of the rotten ones to be able that the city halls and its legislative peripherals had been installed in, in the state palaces and its legislative adjacencies and also in corridors of plateaus. Today, openly, we can speak of the rotten ones to be able that as many putrefatos are fed to the costs of the votes of others. But, as it went saying, our intention, here, is not the saudosista touch, nor to enaltecer ' ' democracia' '. Our intention is to speak of a law that gained the nickname of ' ' fiche limpa' '. Law whose intention was ' ' limpar' ' the candidacies.

To place in the electoral race only the ones that had not had its ' ' hands spotted for the dirt of corrupo' ' (back in the apocalypse if they had saved those that ' ' they had had its vestments washed for the blood of cordeiro' '). For the spirit of the law the ones would be eligible only that had not practised indecent acts, unprincipled people, illegal, illicit Of this form, in the dream of many of us, the honest ones would only concur. But who has money has to be able. Therefore the confusion festival of impugnation order; of the other side a torrent of appeals asking for the suspension of the impugnation. Shouts of the two sides. Ones applauding the law, thinking that it will solve the problem. Others condemning the law, for trying to hinder that outlaws if candidatem. The two sides are maken a mistake. The law intends to reach the candidate. But the candidates are not our problem. Our problem is the voters, therefore these are that they vote indistinctly. Therefore it is that, another time, we will see candidates outlaws being elect, although the law. for a simple reason: voters outlaws vote in candidates outlaws. Neri de Paula Sheep? Master in Education, Philosopher, Theologian, Historian. He reads more: ; ; ; ;


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