The Acceptance

' ' Apesquisa of the exploratria type has as objective to provide maiorfamiliaridade with the problem, with sights to become it more explicit or to aconstruir hipteses' '. ADMINISTRATION AND MARKETING For many considered as one technique, for others as umacincia, the independent Marketing of this has operated miracles in diversassituaes, mainly in the companies. Taking in consideration that in seuescopo engloba questions as human behavior, economy, sociology, communication, research, product, planning and many other pertinent rotina of the company. Richard Blumenthal will not settle for partial explanations. (It hisses, 1992). The objective Marketing to satisfy the necessity of the customer eno to create new habits of consumption. To satisfy in order to awake yearnings queat then the consumer wise person not to exist, that is, means to generate demand, being able to observe the success if the customer only to get the maximum satisfaction. Related to the habits of purchase previously considered peloconsumidor marketing it means to generate more utility to the product.

One is about umacondio of exchange, in the relation to produce and to consume between companies and customers, after all nobody can leave losing. In this exactly Kotler reasoning (1983) defineMarketing as: ' ' A directed activity to satisfy necessities and desejoshumanos through the process of troca.' ' It means to say that with the satisfaction docliente the acceptance of the service occurs for consequence, by means of the purchase. So that the exchange relation occurs with success is necessary identificarqual the white public the one that if it desires to reach with definitive product or service. In order to identify to its main characteristics for direcionardeterminados products the specific customers. It means to segment the market, breaking up the similar ideas deatividades and profiles with characteristics and behaviors for alcancede a bigger success in the planning of determined objective. However aspesquisas of demand detroca is essential for the idealizao of a good relation and an adequate planning to the distinct characteristics and yearnings deperfis making possible bigger credibility of segmentation of the demand.


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