This Consensus

Now they deceive the public opinion with the shipment of ships and airplanes military for to protect to our fishing fleets in the extermination of million tuna and of tunas, among others species. We are confusing the people. We are operating them and snatching to them hope and, if already nothing must lose, I wonder myself why they have not been raised against the established and dominant order. At all costs to its reach, because the fight is out of proportion. The shout of Orwell resonates: If nobody must command to us, to what we hoped? In the Manifesto they express preoccupation by the serious repercussions that the Humanity stops is going to suppose the explosion of neoliberal Capitalism, an explosion nonfinished still, of an economic model that so many times we had denounced as unjust and harmful for the society.

Perplexity because the protagonists of which this model has prevailed during 25 years, and that the G7 and the Institutions of Bretton Woods (the IMF and the VM), appear as the rescuers of the disaster when they would have to appear like guilty, and to assume the responsibilities that correspond to them. Indignation before the call of the Summit of the 14 of November by the Government of the United States, cradles of the politically responsible Organizations than it happens. And because to the meeting it is invited of form arbitrary and discriminatory. As if the poorest countries, than have undergone east model more and they are more going to undergo the consequences of present the setback, they do not have anything to say envelope what to do now and in the future. Because not only it is failed to take advantage of, but becomes gloomy the Conference of Doha on the Revision of the Implementation of the Consensus of Monterrey on the Financing for the Development, anticipated of the 29 of November to the 2 of December. This Consensus has of structural subjects that, reviewed a section and extended, it could contribute abrir the doors towards a new world-wide economic and financial model. They express the conviction that the moment has arrived from which the Reformation in depth of the present System of International Organizations, feels the one bases gobernanza democratic world-wide that it prevents that the world returns to live a situation like the present one.

It is urgent that, in United Nations, with the participation of the excellent actors in the present world-wide conjuncture and also with the participation of civil society and of the social movements, summons a World-wide Conference on a New Monetary System and the Financial International and its New Democratic Institutions of Government. If what looks for is to imitate Prince de Lampedusa, to remove something so that everything follows equal, the revolution and the chaos they are served. Jose Carlos Garci’a Fajardo Professor Emrito of the UCM. Director of the CCS ccs@


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