United Russia

Vote they were just there, and with absentee ballots. This process went smoothly. Group of students led by teachers, compare lists, together voted for a "party of power". The situation in dormitories there was even more interesting. Before the elections, students have set up the "right" way.

Curators, elders, leaders of schools allowed to vote for the installation of "United Russia". Disgusting to look at how one situation, teachers talk about the importance of elections and democracy, and the other forced to vote for a party. At the same time resorting to coercion, thereby breaking the younger generation, show how to achieve goals, even violating the law. All this is not the secret of students or their parents or members of the public sector, which should vote before lunch. What they have done.

And it is clearly visible on voter turnout. In order to artificially raise the percentage of "United Russia" was instructed not to distribute electoral commissions on elections invitation. Thus, supporters of other parties excluded from participation in the electoral process. This is despite the fact that it was issued invitations to 230 000 $ 76 thousand, the undersigned members of district electoral commissions in obtaining them, but not distributed. Commission and the county was formed so as to involve the mass confusion voters can not find your site, many were not in the list. In general elections in Tambov City Duma were marked by massive violations. In many parts of the chairpersons of the commission refuses to issue the minutes as were for example at the polling station 49, 82 and etc.

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