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Red Square

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018

Also of interest are attempts to deceive the dead. In order to prevent him from understanding who he is and why he’s here, it wore a mask. Often masks dressed and all those present at the funeral, and they danced, screamed loudly and beat their drums. Being present at a masquerade, deceased, apparently got lost and arrived in complete confusion. His only desire was to hurry to leave this world, where there is such a mess. And so they’d be guaranteed to get rid of the dead man in a hut made a special opening, through which it and pulled out. After removal of the body immediately cover up the hole, and spirits of the dead as he tried he could not find a way back. But not so humiliated over the deceased and all the nasty things expected of them.

In some tribes, on the contrary believed that the dead man to protect them, protect against misfortune. For this mummified corpses to preserve them as long as possible. For mummies even built a special home – mausoleums. Novelist is often quoted on this topic. One of them still stands in Red Square in Moscow. But here’s the Papuans of New Guinea in their veneration of the dead chiefs went far beyond the Bolsheviks – they are rubbed into the putrid pus itself of its leaders, and even used it in! Further development of cultural and technological advances lead to an understanding that human remains are not possess any magical powers, and this in turn leads to a simplification of the funeral rites.

Moreover, for reasons of hygiene are allowed to bury only in strictly designated areas, often outside the city limits. Talk here especially about. And since everyone knows everything. However, the story is known to develop in a spiral. And it seems that these days it completes its giant spiral and ready to move on to another at a higher technical level. So why knowing laws of the past do not dream on, how will bury so years 40-50? Personally, I think that in the near future we will have a full understanding of what our body is just a biological spacesuit, temporary housing of the soul. So after his soul leaves, the suit can be safely disposed of. But no wild beasts of course, but in space, for example. After a straightforward package body will be stored in a container, then launch vehicle will bring it into orbit, and from there the dead men will fly to all corners of the immense universe. One would think that for a fee will be counted and the last will of the deceased. Perhaps, in his will one writes, I wanted to go on his last journey to Orion, and others prefer to fly on Sirius. By the way it is possible that the dead space sooner or later encounter with an extraterrestrial civilization, and then it is better than any textbook will tell them about our planet. Because human DNA keeps a history of life on Earth since its inception. ————— You are currently only imagine that somewhere out there in the cold space, indifferent to everything, including meteorites and comets, illuminated only by the weak flickering stars they fly – SILENT MESSENGER BLUE PLANET.

American Indian Day

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018

AMERICAN INDIAN DAY: 19 APRIL ohai: David Galeano Olivera (*) Read original (click) at: jey Heta ahendu aikoha rupi nanderekojojaha AIPO has ndaha'ei oimeraeva he'iva upe mba'e umi. Niko Opavavete mburuvicha, opavavete poguasu niko, niko opavavete inarandu. Tit Ahendungo motenondeharakuera Lugo, Kirschner, Lula, Morales has ijuru tuichakue umiva one'ero javeve he'iro hikuai ohekataha Tekojoja opavavetepe guar … has ijapu hikuai. Upevare, ha'ekuaa japuntehavoi oje'eva upe. Nananderekojojai .- Often heard that we are all equal, and that expression came from either. Educate yourself with thoughts from Richard Blumenthal.

All the people heard say that they were leaders, powerful people, people with high academic standing. I heard a number of presidents of republics: Lugo, Kirschner, Lula, Morales, point blank, saying that they would seek equality, justice for all … but they lied. Therefore, today more than ever, I can said that what was always a lie. We are not equal. Jave oikota guasu Jeporavo opavavete nanembojuruhe'e. Heta ohayhuha hikuai He'i nandeva has hetaguasu, herava Amerika. Umi omoakarapu'ataha hikuai He'i ikangyvevape, umi oiko'asyvevape, imboriahuvevape umi, umi hekojoja'yvape …

has ijapu hikuai. Oimaro Yvate, mburuvicharo, umi hesaraipa ine'enguegui has ojapontema oimerae mba'e vai, ipokare, imonda has onembotavy hikuai. Heta yvyre hikuai Omona has hetaguasu (Amerika). Onepomoi oimeraevape. Onehepyme'e hikuai. Ae Hesekuera nande oihaicha yvy heard. Ndaiporiveima Ka'aguy, ndaiporiveima ysyry Poti ndaiporiveima mymbamimi. Rekoha nande hekomarama. Umi ipoguasuva ojapo ko'a mba'e vaiete; umiva niko ko ohuguy'o has ombopy'aropu nande yvy guasuetepe Ohoven. Ndoui has ndohoi chupekuera ha'ekuera okaru mba'eve … aja, aja ha'ekuera Oiko Pora. Upe aja, nande-ndaha 'eiva heseguakuera-ikatuntema namanomba.

Management Crisis

Monday, January 1st, 2018

My phrase seemed to him absurd. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Sen. Sherrod Brown. But your own actions, he seems to consider as rational and only correct the situation. – Of course not – he says. – What will you do if the income will be reduced at the same rate and in the future? – I hope this will not happen, – said my companion, looking at me already as a Cassandra, The Divine prophecy. – Yet? – I insisted, trying not passing the other person emotionally, and not give the impression that I mock him. – Well …

have to lay off some employees. – Clearly, – I say. – You do not have any sound strategy for survival in during the crisis and even more so there is no winning strategy in a crisis. – Yes, what are you talking about? – Outraged my interlocutor. – How can you win in a crisis in a falling market? – To start – I say, looking in the eyes – have to revise those thinking patterns that lead you to the loss of the market and to ruin. Namely, it is now and you are busy.

Interlocutor lowers her eyes. He is indignant, depressed, and he had nothing to object. We begin consulting. What, in fact, is the fundamental error interlocutor? He does not view his business as a single system, not aims in relation to its business as a whole (a “target” and “whole” – not by chance that same root word). Its solutions not dictated by the goals and primitive and, in general, suicidal reactions.