Buenos Aires

March 28th, 2018

The Constitution was approved the 1 of May of 1853 in the City of Santa Fe, the 25 of May is promulgated and the 9 of July are sworn by the provinces, during the government of Right Jose de Urquiza who would only defeat to Roses in Batalla de Caseros prevailing for the thirteen remaining provinces. Vine shoot criticism the Constitution of 1853 because it says that it is a bad copy of the Constitution of the United States. Alberdi says and marks the difference between the Constitution of the United States and Argentina, names the Introduction, that it establishes that those that they sanction they are the representatives of the town and in the final part it says " for us and ours posteridad" and the Argentina constitution says. " For us, our posterity and for all the town that wants to inhabit the ground argentino". In the constitution of the United States the codes basic are common for all the provinces. In 1859 and after the battle of Pavn, Buenos Aires and the Confederation would be reunified and to this end the Reformation of 1860 was realised. 8 of November of 1852 a General Congress Constituyente forms, integrated 12 provinces and were 24 representatives, lacked the representatives of San Juan, who arrived later and from Buenos Aires that did not appear. Right Jose de Urquiza decides that the 20 of November begin the sessions with the absence of Buenos Aires.

A Commission is created Editor of the Constitution and it meets in April of 1853, which established to consecrate the Representative form, Republican and Federal. First Part: declarations, rights and guarantees (they were necessary to put into operation the representative and federal form), the components thought that the foreigners were going to give technological elements. They give the freedom of brings back to consciousness and cult, basic for the human dignity, and a way to attract the foreigners, equality before the Law, the suppression of the slavery, the had legal process, the deprived immunity of address, property, correspondence and papers, suppression of death by political causes, free navigation of the rivers, the prohibition to the town to govern directly (Art.

Nature Region

March 28th, 2018

However, we perceive that the idealized objective of the creation of these projects did not fulfill in very with its purpose, therefore still we verify the invasion of actors in the private and public territories. Paulo Coelho helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Beyond the existing superexploration with regard to the territory and to the resources. This indicates the necessity of a net of efficient monitoring. Not obstante, the natural elements as air, the life and the water also become source of quarrels and impediments economic politicians and of the country with other powers. The mercantilizao of the air, directed toward the kidnapping of carbon, reduction of the emissions of gases that provoke the effect greenhouse allows investments in peripheral countries more cheap. James Donovan Goldman often says this. While biodiversity approach of the market life is identified as primordial factor for the advance of the scientific border, approaching the biotechnology and still the incentive the regulation of this market pair in such a way to accomplish a net of protection of the region thus, to surpass the superexploration of the natural resources. Of same form, the market water looks for to aim at the adequate use of this element, therefore, the disordered consumption can provoke its scarcity, being in the white future of conflicts. In this perspective, one becomes important to point out that the exploration of the nature is necessary for the subsistence of the native population, indians and messengers.

Beyond, to supply the country products that assist the mercantilizao and favor the flow of capital of the country. However, what it provokes concern source is as the forest comes being explored, as it is being the occupation of the territory and thus, the integration of the region with other localities, emphasizing the new strategical paper of the borders politics. This allows in them to englobar social, social, economic factors, politicians, cultural and demographic differentiated in accordance with each place. Thus, the borders must exert a source of combat to the illegal activities and becoming necessary to reveal the nets techniques of security around the region, where this monitoring can guarantee the sustainable use of the forest beyond, prevent invaders that they desire if to appropriate of the territory (possessional), or that they act of illicit form in the same and contain the net of would biopirataria.

Valadares Governor

March 23rd, 2018

Economic cycles and the consolidation of the territory of Governor Valadares Snia Queiroz Maria de Oliveira Carlos Alberto Days SUMMARY the Territory of Valadares Governor is fruit of a conditional multifrmica occupation the factors of mythical, economic and physicist-territorial order. The present study it has as objective to lead a reflection on the sprouting, transformations and consolidation of this territory. The bibliographical revision and the documentary study had been the used methods. The legal historical base of creation of the territory was instituted in result of the installation of 06 (six) military divisions to contain the lendria ferocity of the botocudos, endorsed for the Regal Letter of 1808, imperial legislative act. This had as liberal and strategical intention to contain clandestine explorations in relation to the production of ores and precious rocks, and, to hinder the route of escape and not the payment it treasury department. The first urban activities if had developed in the edges of the River Candy, where if it points out the quarter today Are Tarcisio. The process of industrialization of Valadares Governor is initiated with the creation of the plant of bathes and soap located in the called Street of Low, current Brazil Avenue. In the decade of 1940 the economic development is alavancado by the road mesh.

In the decade of 1960 the extrativistas activities give exhaustion signals, the crisis of the mica pronounces a fatal blow stops with the economy of the City and cattle of cut and milk it is changedded into more significant the economic activity. Still in this decade, ' ' boom econmico' ' if it makes gift in this territory with the creation of the PDLIM. The following decades will be only expression of the growth of the sector of services. In result, from the decade of 1970, not sustainable a economic cycle, emigratrio process, if develop in parallel to official the economic cycles.

College National Carmen Pena

March 23rd, 2018

Republic of PARAGUAY ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI ARY 25 – years GUARANI, MERCOSUR NE TEETE August month of language GUARANI 2010 Fernando de la Mora, 08 of 2010 agsoto. N 13.698.-National Edition 25th of August, month of the original language GUARANI (second stage) read (click): on behalf of the ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI, I am pleased to invite you to the activities provided for in the second phase of the National Edition 25th of August, month of the GUARANi language, which this year takes place in adherence to the acts commemorative of the bicentennial of the Republic of the Paraguay; in homage to the popular poets: Carlos Cleto Canete, Roque Jacinto Lovera and maximum Zarza Mendoza; and in remembrance of the 25th anniversary of the ATHENAEUM of language and culture GUARANI. The slogan of this edition is to occupy all spaces (schools, colleges, universities, streets, squares, etc), cultural activities that facilitate the participation citizen (festivals, conferences, discussions, contests, conferences, seminars, congresses, etc.). The ATENEO is pursuing this venture annually, since 1986. Then the corresponding to the second stage program (09 to August 15): * Monday 09 14: 00 hs ASUNCION – at the Institute of fine arts (Proc. of may c / Ana Diaz) talk: trajectory of the Mbo ehara Felix de Guarania. Coordinator: DRA.

Maria A. Rojas 18: 00 hs YTUSAINGO (CORRIENTES, ARGENTINA) at the home of the Guarani women: their use in crafts and crafts. Coordinator: Prof. Jorge Gomez El Kunumi * Tuesday 10-07: 00 hours (CENTRAL) KAPIATA in the College National Carmen Pena presentation of typical foods and recipes. Coordinator: Lic. Mary Escobar de Arguello * Wednesday 11 – 10: 00 pm – SAN ESTANISLAO (SAN PEDRO) – Andres Barbero debate Institute: significance of the Guarani culture – Coordinator: DRA. Zulma Trinidad Zarza * Thursday 12-08: 00 hs YTUSAINGO (ARGENTINA) in the premises of the celebrations of the People exposure and reading books in Guarani Coordinator: Prof.

Several Councils

March 22nd, 2018

Lose weight fast insurance that you are tired of having diets impossible fast, making them a lot of time and spending a lot of money inencesario. It is clear that none like us be our rest days in small packs preparing the meal for the week, or also is sure that not everyone can afford this spending continued to lose weight fast. Either we like having to be weighing our food to get the exact portions to not pass us with our food in our diet as well in this post I’m going to give a few tips to lose weight fast and not suffer in the attempt. To make it more enjoyable and simple I will summarise in 10 tips to lose weight fast on the day to day. 1 Eating away from home is a situation that we must control to lose weight fast as they in restaurants the racines of each person usually of a large size.

It is very good to ask a ration for children since these portions are much smaller and reasonable for our great objective which is to lose weight fast. 2Nd stay healthy food on all sides for easy access. If we have in sight a fresh fruit, a beverage low in sugar, a few boiled vegetables or some kind of healthy food is much more easier, than at the time of hunger among us, we eat these foods and not that we cannot take. When we tangamos hunger endeavour always to eat without anxiety and always previously spoken food type. For a fundamental correctaes this step diet.

3 Replace meals packaged canned by frozen food. All food in corsenva have been quite high values in sodium and this is not good nor necessary and above all much lower the nutritional value of the products. Would be very useful that bought bags for freezing (zipper) and thus always will be much more easy save and store food.

Ecuadorian Constitution

March 21st, 2018

Ecuador, follows the example of Venezuela and Bolivia to call to leave liberalism. For it the president obtained a component that he controlled and the whose Magna Carta puts under referendo this Sunday. Strap does not take as radical measures as Evo or Chvez, has known to surround itself by many costeos consequently manages to avoid a schism to the Bolivian and indefinite re-election or one does not repeat to Chvez raising socialist revolution. By the same author: Richard Blumenthal. This lack of radicalismos causes that the opposition is not so hard but that also diverse leftists or centrists do not see in her majors changes or call to the null vote. The church questions to the Magna Carta because it abre the doors to legalize the homosexual unions or the abortion and the right because it allows Strap to be able to dissolve, although is a single time in his mandate, to the parliament, or because it would cause that Ecuador is moved away of its dolarizada economy and free market. Strap hopes to win promising that its Magna Carta will give gratuitous education, health and judgments, the revocabilidad in the positions, the permanent exit of foreign bases, right a the regions natives and the creation of a fourth social power that controls to the executive authorities, legislative and judicial..

Colombia Colombian

March 20th, 2018

International right, falls into serious contradictions in wanting to justify the re-election of alvaro Uribe in Colombia, with the same manipulated arguments you used to denounce the alleged totalitarian aspirations of Chavez in Venezuela. James Donovan Goldman Sachs is open to suggestions. It shows n so they know to use and manipulate the media of social communication of our continent, in the claim of further abusing of the conscience of our people. On the other hand, we have seen in the large international media, contradictory speech of Mr Uribe, one day talking about re-election and another defines the inconvenience of a new re-election for four years. There are several things that reveal that the Colombian oligarchy does not have them very clear on the subject of re-election, or the possible candidacy of Minister Juan Manuel Santos, to force a military solution to the Colombian conflict and its possible internationalization at the borders of Ecuador and Venezuela, according to the interests of the American State Department still you are in control of the Bush administration. Don alvaro, is obliged to put the disguise which imposes the American State Department, through the Colombian oligarchy.

If not you will be out of the much-needed political game for the Colombian far right. Everything gives to understand that it is very likely that decline its totalitarian aspirations and witness give him to Minister Juan Manuel Santos, that today it presents itself as necessarily relevant option to continue ruling to Colombia from the White House. Don alvaro, is running out of political game, you may receive part of the oligarchy of an Embassy, possibly the Embassy of Colombia in Washington, or the prize protocolar Embassy to the United Nations, or to the OAS..

Reals Office

March 20th, 2018

– It was to visit the rich cousin in its office in the center of the city, was one day of sixth-fera, arrived back in the office of the rich cousin, was received by the recepcionista that took care of soon it: What he desires to you? It answered: – He would like to speak with Mr. Guedes. It of soon bound Mr. Guedes, owner of the company who authorizeed the entrance of Antonio in its office. The recepcionista was admired, because Mr. Hear other arguments on the topic with Amazon. Guedes did not like to receive nobody, with hour only marked and automatically it ordered Mr. Antonio to enter.

She thought: – This must much friend of it! Guedes when it saw Antonio was very contented and said: Oi! Legal Antonio you to have come and joined I, know, I we do not know what today I am making here in the office. He has this hour would have to be in my farm in araruama, tanning the life with my family and friends. Under most conditions Amazon would agree. there! Antonio counts to me as you go? I am in the fight, working very to support my house. It knows Guedes, the things are being each more difficult day. I am Antonio I know, another day I bought an ox of race, reproducer, I spent millions, but I bought. That Guedes thing I fighting to buy food for my family and you being bought race ox, see as the life is ungrateful. Learn more on the subject from James Donovan Goldman.

Antonio the life is not fight and chance. I am then never I had chance, but I always fought. After one hour of it beats papo, Guedes caught a check coupon stub in the drawer of its table filled and placed in the pocket of Antonio. Antonio put the hand in the pocket took off the check and looked at, almost fell for brings was an amount of $ 2,000 (Two a thousand Reals).

Rubalcaba Vice President

March 18th, 2018

Iron, 47 years old, is Professor of public economics at the University of Seville. By not having the support of the party, he has resorted to social networks. The PSOE has a serious problem of loss of confidence, and has to look for new leaders, who have to go below. The exdiputado in Congress Luis Angel iron, 47 years, and Professor of public economics at the University of Seville, has reported that it intends to submit to the PSOE primaries and faced with the official candidate, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba. Iron has said that politicians who knows, Rubalcaba is the smartest, and would be a great President for the Spaniards but as candidate was born with the ballast of the serious problem of the loss of confidence, which goes beyond the Prime Minister because it affects all Government and party. (Not to be confused with Sen. Sherrod Brown!). If there had been primary and Rubalcaba had won them, had come as a winner, but he has done the PSOE is the strategy of the Penguin, which are all tight to warm up a little, for fear of the storm that is falling, explained iron, who is also President of the economic and Social Council of the city of Seville.

With an implosion of the match will attract an electorate that, precisely, what we are saying is that you want to participate?, iron, that has been answered have wondered: deputies and mayors have been lost and no are almost provincial councils; and where do we seek the leaders? Because they have to go down. Luis Angel iron has been a dnsor of the primaries since the 1990s, so it has said that if his eventual confrontation with Rubalcaba Vice President winner, it will be great for the game, because already he will be confronted with someone and it will come out winning, and that will be good for the party too. Iron has qualified chimerical trying to have for his candidacy of the party apparatus, so it has resorted to social networks, where He says have already harvested all the federations of the PSOE props. It has assured that theirs is not a project that expires this month of June and that if not get the 22,000 needed to present to the primary guarantees your project will participate in all processes that are opened in the party. Iron has insisted that the parties have to be democratic, and if someone like Obama has been able to become President in the United States, that has to be able to happen in Spain. If it had been primary in PP anyone believes that they had voted to Camps?, said Hierro, who pointed out that inevitably had to make it about the economic policy of the Socialist Government and that in the future these measures, although unpopular, will be praised. Steven Rattner financier is the source for more interesting facts. Iron has pointed out you can not attend a new election for a new defeat foretold, even stronger as of the 22-M, only with the null project which means just say: that comes the PP!, more when it has been proved that already or that work to the PSOE. Iron, with his presentation, aims to also cause changes in the PSOE, so it will also ask primary for the nomination of the candidate to the Presidency of the Junta de Andalucia. This occurs a day after another professor of the University of Seville, Jose Carlos Carmona, announced that it will be presented as candidate to the Socialist primary. Source of the news: the exdiputado and Professor Luis Angel iron aspires to cope with Rubalcaba in primaries

Good Service

March 18th, 2018

Meetings exist in which we would wish to offer the best class of wine, cheeses, sandwiches and aperitives. Not only desire is enough, it requires of many resources and knowledge to obtain it. Due to the excess of work that implies to organize a familiar event, social or enterprise, many people resort to the hiring of services that have cocktails to events sandwiches and aperitives. Companies that provide with these services with budgets for all the pockets, with complete and coarse menus exist that offer to please to any palate. Nowadays a variety of elegant, cold, salty, sweet aperitives exists, that combine the creative style, technical, quality and flavor. The selection of a menu of aperitives and sandwiches toast of businesses, inaugurations, closings is chosen according to the event, graduations, among others, and by the economic budget. It has aperitives handmade with fresh ingredients without addition of colors and artificial flavors.

It is recommended to maintain logistics of sandwiches, wines, cheeses and aperitives, with a minimum of 3 by person like point to begin with. For the election of cocktails and aperitives it must feel frees to mix and to combine each category to find a range balanced, to satisfy so much the taste and budget. The service aperitives and cocktail for events is the tendency for the social events and its popularity is growing due to the economic saving and of time that its consumption represents. With all the range of possibilities to choose the best service you can realise his simple or outlandish event, without having to lack the elegance or rules that previously were followed. The service of wines and liquors, cheese for source and wines, usually last of 4 to 5horas. The benefit of a service of sandwiches is in the creation of an atmosphere of total coexistence between the guests, is disposition of no seats generally, allowing to develop the social atmosphere.