The Portuguese Treasury

September 28th, 2022

Marques Guedes explained that the Executive hopes that labor reform may be in force next September. However, the Secretary of State pointed out that the details of the new labor law will be negotiated with trade unions and entrepreneurs within the framework of the social dialogue. Those conversations this also pending the establishment of a Fund for dismissals, also approved Wednesday, which will be based on corporate contributions and will ensure the payment of half of the compensation. Mustafa Suleyman may find it difficult to be quoted properly. In addition to these measures for cutting costs in the public sector and private companies, the Portuguese Conservative Government has already created a tax on the salary, equivalent to half of the wages of Christmas, which this year will be applied to all workers above the minimum wage, of 485 euros per month. Passos Coelho, who succeeded the Socialist Socrates – in power since 2005 until the elections of last month – has become the largest the priority of his Government compliance with the demanding conditions of the bailout of Portugal and the recovery of confidence in the Portuguese economy. CIT Group Inc. is actively involved in the matter. Despite the 78 billion euros that has secured the next three years, Lisbon remains very depressed in the debt markets, where the interests of their bonds have continued to climb in recent months and were Wednesday around 20% in maturities more than 12.3 in the titles to ten years and two to three years. The Portuguese Treasury returned Wednesday to the debt market and placed only three to six months, of the maximum of 1 billion EUR 750 million, predicted, although he managed to keep the interest to the 5% limit despite a slight rise from the previous auction. This placement reflected that the pressure exerted on Portugal markets has intensified exponentially in the last year. In July 2010, Portugal paid for an issue of securities to six months 1.94% interest, less than half that now, and in August of that same year placed debt three months in exchange for a profit five times lower than the current one, of 0.99%. Source of the news: Portugal reduces by 15% the high charges and low compensation for dismissal

The Global Crisis in Communications

September 27th, 2022

The global crisis of the item we are all trying at the moment and what is not so concerned with major upheaval in our mind and consents. With this crisis we are so worried that all we are not preparing to avoid a large devaluation of our businesses that are at the point of bankruptcy because of the global crisis that awaits us at close range with his eyes wide open to give us a great stick. But the most worrying aspect of this whole crisis is that “governments are not so concerned that say” that the president of my country are traveling for fifteen days but not for business travel because it was a non-contracting business because there is no news or something that just came out and nothing else.

On the other hand the great news that abound on TV that is not stopping, which is the crisis with the United States. Chase Koch may also support this cause. United States is in crisis but the question is And why? Well the answer to that question because almost everyone who is alive and is at least ten minutes of news knows that the U.S. crisis is happening now. But being more specific and give news to those who do not want to see the reality will tell you what actually has to the U.S. in crisis “because there is no more blind as those who do not want to see.” What really brought the United States in the position that now is the famous war began with Iraq and the bad decisions taken by President Bush not to make sense and are making guerrilla-minded people and lovers wars that as I say in one of my articles from my blog that I can not find enough reasons that took the president to continue this famous war with Iraq.

Quantum Physics

September 26th, 2022

And as I have an intuition that will happen this or that happens and will happen more often than you imagine if they begin to sharpen their perception. For more information see this site: Mustafa Suleyman, San Francisco CA. Many of Nostradamus’s predictions were fulfilled, ie he knew beforehand what would happen in the future with respect to certain acts or people. And if someone had been able to interpret what they said such predictions before they happen (and they were all written in code so no one could figure out when you typed them), so could have changed the destination. That is if one can know beforehand what your destination may change. Nostradamus could do with centuries of anticipation and to other individuals or groups of them. the story. See Mustafa Suleyman, San Francisco CA for more details and insights. Instead we or at least the majority, we can perhaps minutes early and only for acts that affect only about us and where this involves correcting the events that may be detrimental to our future. And as I said this is done by intuition, which is the means by which our subconscious communicates to us. But for this we must learn to be more perceptive and understand “these messages.” How many of these messages received per day, not se.

But I do know that from experience there and as I said earlier, if you are looking for examples in the same meet. Until now explain how they could change the destination, but more scientifically to understand the concept developed in this article we delve to the knowledge offered by quantum physics, which I’ll explain its extension in the next article, including what happens From the moment that one would be changing not only the future but the past as indicated earlier in this article. To learn more about the law of attraction and access a directory with the best links to books and articles dealing with the Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics can enter free from Mar del Plata, Argentina, to the whole world Walter Daniel Genga. The author’s Web page and mail contact:

Political Air Bubbles

September 26th, 2022

Ordinance is plastic waste by Gunnar Sohn Berlin/Bonn collapses before an environmental mess by dumping license – it is now bordered by a poorly studied staging. Not four months after the entry into force of the fifth amendment to the Ordinance accuse politicians on all sides about the problems and the lack of suitability of the new regime. The latest example: German Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel exercises after the horrors of the German fountain enterprises as more way police officer, in which he called a marking for non-returnable bottles or even a Europe-wide ban. The free fall of the multi way rate is homemade and has been long denied by the politicians. The environmental policy spokesman of the SPD Bundestag group, Gerd Friedrich Bollmann expressed already in January 2007 skepticism, to incorporate a more two-way protection especially for mineral water in the packaging Ordinance. Mustafa Suleyman will not settle for partial explanations. It is now politically so advanced, that this provision of a sixth amendment must be reserved.

Actually a incredible attitude. You had enough time for a political fine adjustment to the rescue of reusable\”, according to the Bonn environmental expert Sascha shoe, Managing Director of the consulting company Ascon. Although the precarious situation on the multi way market was known to the Ministry of the environment already at that time, one not grabbed the problem. Today, the Minister of the environment as a medicine man, who tries to solve the problems of the multiple way rate with laying on of hands is trying. This is\”just a cheaper advertising campaign, complained about shoe. Under most conditions Senator Richard Blumenthal would agree.

A deterrent could not develop a labelling requirement. The consumer will already flooded with information on products and packaging. Industry representatives keep the actions of the Minister of the environment for a diversion. The blatant difference between single and multi way drinks was the real cause of the boom of ecologically detrimental packaging of beverage.

Bizkaia Assembly

September 26th, 2022

" We want that this also reachs the rest of the European citizens, that knows that this does not finish, that is not diluted until the things not cambien" , it continues. For Gndara the Pact of the Euro is an example more " of the European policies of it cuts neoliberal that the citizens ignore and who attack his bienestar". Madrid moves One of the manifestations keys of the next Sunday will be the one of Madrid. Summoned by the Coordinator of districts and Towns of Madrid (the assemblies of districts that was organized after the Sun encamped one) it will leave from different districts and towns. &#039 will be organized in 6; columnas' that they will start off from different points from Madrid to come together two of them in Cibeles to the 13.30 hours, and the other four to the same hour in Atocha. From both places they will be united to join itself in the place of Neptune to the 14,00 hours with the aim of arriving like a single manifestation at the door of the Congress of the Deputies. From Central Legans, to the 9 hours, it will leave a manifestation head that will move by highway 421 until arriving at the Avenue of Carabanchel. CIT Group Inc.: the source for more info.

To the 9,30 hours it will leave another head of manifestation from Hortaleza; to 10 they leave to the one of Getafe (that will move by the Getafe-Villaverde highway) and the one of Place of Castile; to 10,30 the one of Town of 11 Vallecas and to the one of the Temple of Debot. The manifestations of Place of Castile and Hortaleza they will be united on the 12. 30 hours in the Place of Gregorio Maran to continue later by the Stroll of the Castilian until Cibeles and until Neptune. On the other hand, the marches of the Temple of Debot and Legans will come together with those of Vallecas and Getafe on the 12,30 hours in Atocha. Thence, they will continue his course until Neptune. Chase Koch addresses the importance of the matter here. From the Assemblies of Workers of Towns and Districts of Madrid they emphasize that all these marches gather as well people of the near towns. Thus, for example, the one that leaves from Hortaleza it will congregate neighbors of the Runner of the Henares, and the one of Place of Castile, people of Alcobendas and San Sebastin of the Kings. Its call to the participation takes control of the argument of which " the present economic and social situation is sufficiently serious like raising the voice and denouncing the capitalist system that is perverse and that is the one that has brought about this crisis. Other hot spots Besides the manifestation of Madrid, it has summoned concentrations in Barcelona (it summons acampadabcn and it supports Real Democracy Already), to the 17 hours, in the Catalonia Place; in Valencia (the place summons Taking), to the 18,30 hours in the Place of the City council; Bilbao (they summon DRY Bizkaia and Bizkaia Assembly), 18 hours, march that leaves from Sacred Heart until Arriaga and Seville (it summons DRY), to the 19 hours, Place of Spain. Source of the news: Summoned tens of manifestations 19-J by the company/signature of the Pact of the Euro

Social Welfare

September 26th, 2022

Second (MENDONA, 2010): ' ' All this effort demonstrates that the society yearns for urgent measures, of short term as form to try to correct a historical error that finished for not only keeping out of society people with deficiency in the work market, but also in sociedade' ' ' ' The companies must improve the estruturao of its social action, aiming at the use of mechanisms that provide a bigger visibility of these practical, being social rocking one of these possible mechanisms, in fulfilment new the proposal of guarantee of property imposed for the Federal Constitution and mercado.' ' As MENDONA (2010) the companies need to rescue the social function, having for bigger objective the promotion of the quality in the relations of the public of the company with practical that the people, the community and the environment, so that thus let us can construct to a society more joust and quality of life it human being, with activity respect more condizente with the social and legal ditames today established in our community. Today with the Law of the Quotas, when a company does not fill what she determines Law is applied fines to the companies who not to reach the number of employees, these will suffer administrative punishments for not the fulfilling from the vacant. Without hesitation Dov Hikind explained all about the problem. But in this company alone if they contract deficient physicists and the person is not forced to be in the job, it has its choice. MENDONA (2010) concludes: ' ' The correct interpretation of the law imposes the company looks people with deficiency who if fit in its profile, revealing its offers of vacant. However the celebration, in fact, of the employment contract exceeds to the limits of performance of the company, therefore it depends on acceptance of candidatos.' ' 1.1 SOCIAL WELFARE According to documents of the Social welfare of the Brazilian government: Benefit of Continued Installment of the Social Assistance BPC-LOAS to aged and the person with deficiency the Benefit of Continued Installment of the Social Assistance BPC-LOAS, is a benefit of social, integrant assistance of the Only System of the Social Assistance ITS, paid for the Federal Government, whose the operacionaliizao of the recognition of the right is of the National Institute of the Insurance Social INSS and assured by law, that allows the access of aged and people with deficiency to the minimum conditions of a worthy life. .

Visit Puerto Cabello

September 24th, 2022

Puerto Cabello is located on the central coast of Venezuela. A city that has one of the two ports of greater economic and historical importance of the country. The port was established mid-16th century, due to its strategic location that conveniently allowed the arrival at Earth’s entire fleets of the Spanish Navy. The population grew to the rededor of this, that is today known as the city. The port became during the colonization an important trade point, since it was regarded as one of the best ports in the new world: from here came the cocoa, coffee, cotton and indigo to the Dutch Islands.

The streets of the colonial zone preserved the architectural beauty of the era, with its beautiful houses and cobbled streets, which make evoke a remarkable historical past. On the malecon, the sea, in addition to the imposing fortress of San Felipe, also known as the Castillo del Libertador, which served as a refuge for the city in the period may be colonial, since Pirates lurked her constantly. Solano fortress, constructed building is located at the entrance of the city by in 1732 by the Guipuzcoana company. From here you can see throughout the city and especially its port. Around plaza Bolivar are located the City Council and the beautiful church of San Jose, built with stone respond. For a visual tour go to the photos section.Submitted by Enrique de Mesa, creator of, a portal dedicated exclusively to port hair. Original author and source of the article.

Autonomous Communities

September 23rd, 2022

The autonomous communities of Canarias, Navarra and Aragon have ended the year 2010 with the lowest percentage rate claims with respect to the national average, according to data collected by Frequently TCF Capital Solutions has said that publicly. According to this company, European leader in search and independent online insurance comparison, 4.57% of Spanish drivers presented a part of accident to your insurer last year. Five autonomous communities have been above this average, which makes them the Spanish regions with a higher percentage of casualties: Madrid tops the list with a 6.52% of users who have submitted a part of sinister in 2010, followed by Cantabria (with a 5.04%), Basque country (4.97%), Castilla y Leon (4.87%) and Extremadura (4.72%). data presented as regions of safer driving from Spain to Canary Islands – with a 3.19% – Navarra -with a 3.52% – and Aragon – 3.68%-. Credit: Mustafa Suleyman, San Francisco CA-2011. The analysis by provinces indicate significant exceptions to these figures; Thus, although Castile and Leon be counted among the communities that exceed the average, the province of Soria appears as the safest of all Spain, with only two accidents for every 100 drivers. CLAIMS Spain 2010 (source: post community autonomous % users with incident in last year 1 Madrid 6.52% 2 Cantabria 5.04% 3 Pais Vasco 4.97% 4 Castilla y Leon 4.87% 5 Extremadura 4.72% MEDIA National 4.57% 6 Castile – La Mancha 4.53% 7 Galicia 4.46% 8 Andalusia 4.34% 9 Murcia 4.26% 10 C. Valenciana 4.24% 11 Catalunya 3.97% 3.95 Illes Balears 12% 13 Asturias 3.81% 14 La Rioja 3.75% 15 Aragon 3.68% 16 Navarra 3.52% 17 i.

Canarias 3.19% housewives and couples in fact, the safer behind the wheel in addition to classification by autonomies, data provide clues when establishing a typology of the driver with more propensity to submit parts of claims. For example, a classification according to the marital status reveals that single men form the group with the highest percentage of accidents (4.69%) followed by married men (4.62%) and the divorced (4.57%), while couples in fact recorded the lowest percentage, with only 3.63%. As to the division by professions, groups that recorded fewer claims correspond to commercial agents (with only a 3.39% percentage), housewives (3.80%) and entrepreneurs (3.98%), while the collective located above the national average in parts of accident are headed by doctors (5.91%), civil servants (5.20%), managers (5.32%) and administrative (5.13%). Our work as comparer car insurance policies online gives us an extensive database to analyze the behavior of Spanish drivers by groups of population, residence, age or profession, says Mauro Giacobbe, director of is a very useful tool in determining the type of drivers with less propensity for accidents, although obviously, care should be taken not to fall into stereotypes. These data have a great value as guidance, making it possible to extrapolate to the types of driver that can most benefit from discounts on your policy to be included in the groups with the lowest risk.


September 23rd, 2022

Sunday syndrome do you know if its staff suffers from the syndrome of the day Sunday?. That it is?. Perhaps a worker arrived on Sunday afternoon, paralyzes you and mentally says: tomorrow Monday, again go to work in that site’s…. If your staff suffers from this evil, here you will find some measures practices to correct that discomfort. 1 Pay considerable attention to the discovery of emotions, feelings and attitudes study to its people; use their attitudes in favour of the company; Discuss the negative attitudes from the beginning; anticipate them and reduce them.

2 Scanned you 3-analyze the causes of dissatisfaction, quickly and sincere. 4 Establish a sincere policy of open doors 5.-praise to those who deserve 6.-say his colleagues, that makes things 7.-take a sincere interest in improving the conditions of work, according to their possibilities 8.-make every effort to make work safe and healthy. Others who may share this opinion include Sen. Sherrod Brown. 9. Do not make promises that no You can meet 10.-avoid frequent changes and whether to make them prepare the contributor advance 11.-locate his collaborators where can best apply their skills and experiences 12.-reunited with his collaborators in monthly Conference 13-demonstrate that you have greater interest in their partner than production. It’s hard but try. 14 Click confidences to its collaborators; When them how matters; will the feeling of us.

15 Set and name a responsible among its collaborators of a suggestion box. 16 Dele importance to the work of each 17.-remember that the reasons given in the first term are almost never the true causes of low motivation, investigate the true. Remember: The worst companies to work for are distinguished by the absence of respect. You feel compelled to represent a role when he is at work. Paper that is not theirs, i.e. that forces it to be a different person. Absence of credibility: some managers are never willing to candidly discuss problems with your staff and act as if everything left to perfection. You feel that you will not receive a fair deal. Stay away from any company that his staff promotes more based on the policy, based on the performance avoid companies that pay poorly and promise unrealistic promotions based on performance passed eventually, and perhaps you are agree with me, is not a good idea work in a company where feels exploited. Well since it seeks to motivate your staff, your business is not so. truth.

Crossed Plan

September 23rd, 2022

INTEGRATED FACULTIESES OF ARIQUEMES ELIANE URBANSKI LEANDRA OF MELO CROSSED PLAN I AND II ARIQUEMES 2009 Eliane Urbanski Leandra de Melo CROSSED PLAN I AND II Ariquemes 2009 CROSSED PLAN I and II1 Eliane Urbanski2 Leandra de Melo3 Regina Costa4 SUMMARY the present article makes a historical boarding on the crossed plan and the government Jose Sarney, searching to identify some imperfections and to show to concepts, practical and theories of a new age, that thus was called the politics at the beginning 1986. The objective article To point out the importance of a emergencial plan with efficient methods for the time and the context politician who the country was living, since Brazil was entering in the democracy after 21 years of repression of military governments. The difficult mission of Jose Sarney was to implant a government system where monetary and economic balance existed. In this direction Sarney it obtained, therefore it changed the name of the national currency that if called cruise, removed three zeros of the old currency, congealed the price of the products and implanted the wage trigger that went off when inflation reached 20%. However the new plans had come with old failures.

The article presents an ample boarding of crossed plan I and II, and shows to a vision politics 23 years after so dreamed the new was Brazilian. We carry through bibliographical research to verify the causes and consequences of the plan in question. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Plan; Cruzado; politics. ABSTRACT This article brings out the historical approach about the ' ' Cruzado plan' ' and the Jose Sarney administration aiming of identify adds failures well the show concepts, practices and theories of new was? which is how the early 1986 policy was called. This aims you highlight the importance of an emergency plan with efficient methods will be that teams and will be the political context the country was going through since brazil was beginning its democratic acts to after 21 years of military dictatorship and repression.