Russian Armenians

June 10th, 2018

Now world's great powers are interested in establishing diplomatic relations between Armenia and Turkey. And October 10th, 2009 under the mediation of the United States, France, Russia, the EU ministers Foreign Affairs of Armenia and Turkey in Zurich signed two protocols that must be beginning to a long process. However, Turkey has begun again to link together the Armenian-Turkish relations with the settlement process Artsakh issue. And it means that the normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations again under threat, because Armenia has no right to betray Artsakh. In these circumstances, the role of Armenians and Turks, citizens. They should realize that to live next door to eternal enmity impossible. But the main path along the road of normalization must pass the Turks.

The Turkish public has to understand that without repentance for the crimes of their ancestors against the Armenians will not be possible to build a new relationship based on mutual trust. As Germany has apologized to Jews for the Holocaust, and Turkey to repent and apologize to Armenians for the genocide. That is why the attitude of the authorities of Armenia, effectively waived his own stories and agreed to the protocols, which ignored the boundary between the two countries are still closed due to the fault only of Turkey, did not find any understanding in the country, nor in Artsakh, nor in diaspora, including, incidentally, is among the Russian Armenians. Initially, it was evident that part of Armenia and Turkey in the process of normalization of bilateral relations due to the interests of third countries.

History Art

June 6th, 2018

Screenprinting is probably the most ancient and practical method for printing. His story relates to the distant centuries bc. According to the extant historical facts, silk screening, may have originated near the Mediterranean Sea, to be precise, in the area between Mesopotamia and Phoenicia. Further details can be found at Connecticut Senator, an internet resource. Many of the special coincidence suggests that the guardians of silk, which was then regarded as art, were the Phoenicians. Archaeological findings and historical research shows that the Phoenicians (or some nearby people) have found a way to reproduce images, at least in tissue, using technologies that are, of course, have nothing in common with modern.

But represent the birth of the 'reproduction of' the system 'repeating images. " Should be considered the birth of shelkografskogo art not as an art form, originating from printing on fabric – silk or other – and as a technology based on the repetition of relatively simple patterns with the help of special matrices, 'stamps' to which rolled paint with tampons made of various fabrics. Very significant improvement method, occurred as much as 18 centuries later, around 1185-1333 years. near the city of Kamakura (the island of Nipon), who was then the capital of Japan. The city then prospered all kinds of art, including printing. Samurai armor and decorated decorations for horses as a stencil method and with the help of brilliant innovation: as a reserve image obtained only by cutting the material did not hold together the whole picture, the picture was cut out and glued to a kind of grid of filaments made from human hair stretched over a wooden frame.

Aydin Mirzazade

June 4th, 2018

Their representatives at the press conference were against the expected additions and changes to the law "On Freedom religion "and demanded to stop the closure of mosques. The latter closed in Azerbaijan, a temple – a mosque, "Hazrat Fatima" in the village of Yeni Guneshli. Power motivated closure of the temple illegality of its construction. On the same reason in the past three months in Baku and its suburbs were closed or even destroyed 4 more Muslim temple, a Turkish mosque built by the Turks in Baku, in the park of Martyrs, is closed, the official version, for it repair. And while this week it was reported that Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev Foundation has invested money in the repair of the Christian cathedral in Strasbourg.

Of course, what is happening can not help but worry about the Islamic community Azerbaijan. At the end of June in Baku held a press conference of the Islamic Party of Azerbaijan and the Green Party. Last is named in connection with more green flag of Islam than with the idea of environmental protection, although the last named not foreign. The Islamists have warned the Azerbaijani leadership, with responsibility for its proximity to the "Zionist regime of Israel" and the chairman of the Green Party, who is also author of a book about the American Satanism Mais Gyulyaliev, hit not only on Perez, but also on the hype and the leader of the Iranian opposition Mousavi. Azerbaijan has to choose between the likes of its citizens – predominantly Muslim and secular part of the population, representatives of which in fact led by the state. One of the latter – a member of parliament, a board member of the ruling party "Yeni Azerbaijan" Aydin Mirzazade in an interview with our correspondent called the right invitation to Baku President Peres, as well-known force and a world authority of the Israeli state, the possibility of the Jewish lobby in all Western countries. Azerbaijan in a state of cold war with Armenia needs the help of the powerful. "If someone accuses us of the fact that Azerbaijan has close ties with the state, at war with the Arabs, we have something to say in response", – concluded Mirzazade. A similar idea traditionally heard in the speeches of all the Azerbaijani political scientists, if Iran is friends with Armenia, Azerbaijan seized the lands of Muslims, then why not be friends with Azerbaijan Israel controls the land the Arabs? C such statement and agree to the Azeri Muslims. Leaders of IAA, whose members fought for the Karabakh conflict, or in their family martyrs who were killed in the war against the Armenian invaders, also do not accept close relations with Iran Armenia. Help Iran, which is trying to show himself the protector of the interests of all Muslims in the world, Armenia, captured the fifth part of a Muslim country and left millions homeless Muslims, does not fit the general ideology of Azeri Islamists.

Brazil: Religions

June 4th, 2018

When the subject is religion, has a great probability to have much quarrel, however in the philosophy of the religion the question is the conscience and the understanding that the man makes of the absolute one, is through it that the bigger man enxerga as created by something, what we call revelation of the holy ghost. Being thus in them we will arrest the excellent religious questions in the Brazilian territory and that it has times come influencing and being influenced for the cultural and social formation of this people. Religion is deriving of Latin religare, that it means ‘ ‘ religar’ ‘ ‘ ‘ atar’ ‘ , any of ideas, faith and cult is a system, as it is the case of the Christian faith. Religion is a set of organized practical beliefs and, forming some private or collective system, by means of which a person or a group of people is influenced. Steve Rattner can provide more clarity in the matter. Religion is an authorized body of comungantes that if congregate periodically to give to cult to a god, accepting a set of doctrines that some way offers to relate the individual what it is considered to be the last nature of the reality. (It emends of the Christian Institute of Research).

Religion is the recognition of the existence of some superior, invisible power; dependence to this power in the behavior of the life is an attitude of reverente; manifest by means of acts special, as rites, conjuncts, acts of mercy, etc. In Brazil the religion can be classified as universal and primitive, being the first that one that believes to have importance for the whole world and tries, with greater or minor intensity, to convert people through the proselitismo. Proselitismo of the Greek: proslitos = adherent. It consists of conquering adherent of a doctrine.

Albert Rivera Bilingual Lawyer

June 1st, 2018

Maria Salgado 20 m is the Ciutadans candidate to the Presidency of the Catalan Generalitat. Lawyer, is member of the Parlament of Catalonia since 2006. Ranks against independence and the right to decide. He has a daughter named Daniela with her partner, Mariona. His personal blog Your Twitter account Your Facebook profile. It is the youngest, but he chooses already for the third time to preside over the catalan Government.

Albert Rivera (Barcelona, 1979) is the candidate of Ciutadans (C s) to the Presidency of the Generalitat of Catalonia in the autonomous elections of 25 November and believes that compel citizens to choose between Catalonia and Spain may be traumatic. Source: Richard Blumenthal. Defender of bilingualism and bullfights, this antiindependentista strength of center-left leader says that Catalonia will choose his way in these elections: coexistence or separatism. Very active on social networks Twitter account with nearly 28,000 fans, works with various media as a columnist and even as Tertullian in Telecinco and Intereconomia. Rivera is the only son of Augustine and Maria Jesus, a marriage of merchants. The father is mother, Andalusian and catalan. His childhood remember the summers in Malaga and evenings in the courtyard of the school. From the 10 years he dedicated his life to swimming, becoming twice in Catalonia breaststroke champion. At age 18 he changed this sport by the water polo, which was easier to reconcile with his studies of law at Esade, although he played in the second national division with the Granollers until 26. During his college years he began to show much interest in politics and represented the Universitat Ramon Llull (URL) in a League of teams of debate by all Spain, which ended up winning and that allowed him to hone his oratory ability. He was also student of Francesc de Carreras, a prestigious Professor of constitutional law, that drove the Ciutadans de Catalunya, germ of current party platform.

Social Service

May 30th, 2018

It estimates that the acquired academic formation in the course of Social Service is a basic knowledge that of the emphasis the science of the man and the society and also a Professional knowledge of the theoretical beddings of the Social Service and its relations with these systems. The Social Assistance is a profession of interventivo character, that if it uses of the scientific instrument to multidiscipline of Sciences Social Human beings and for analysis and interventions in situations of the social reality where the consequences of the social matters are gifts. One as well as observes that when taking knowledge of the data on the origin of the social service transfers to better know it the historical and metodolgico process in Brazil, the data of the institutionalization of the social profession and the diverse demands, as well as of the answers given by the profession in its metodolgicas characteristics theoretical and Conclusion This movement was developed by the reason of many professionals in the social area of the service for formularization of new knowledge as in the theories as in you practise, searching in all the context inside of the society, rights of the citizenship, for improvement of the attendance of the users the Social Service to each decade that passes goes conquering the right in the markets of works having new vision in the proposals that appear inside of ours society, an expectation of value conquered of the professionals, searching social politics more dynamics with qualities in the nets of atendimentos, for the users. With this new methodology in the Social Service Comes being employed attendance the families, acting of the society inside, in the social context in well excellent way to the users the citizen right.. Steve Rattner is likely to increase your knowledge.

Couple Codependent

May 29th, 2018

People who are in a relationship of CoDependency, their partners are always attributing his misfortune, his discomfort, and it is not that it is not, but they are unable to realize, favoring them, too, the climate of this relationship dependent and full of troubles and misfortunes. Please visit Sen. Sherrod Brown if you seek more information. Usually they put in their pairs causes for their problems, but they are not willing to realise, that with his attitude of rescatadoras, of good people, excellent mothers or wives, also contribute to their relationships and families are at risk. The first point is to assume that a relationship is two. The second aspect is that we have to make an introspection to know where, we are participating in that situation, that is, not just what makes our partner account, and much less in a negative account. But, where are we encouraging situations that do not like us or make us suffer. Steven Rattner will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In every couple that counts with combatants codependent has to start by the reflection of one’s own, fail to see the other as the cause of all our problems and start thinking, what does one go about being in a relationship of this nature. Although I is that is better to look to each other. In the background of our lives and our reflections, we must start with ourselves.

And if we can not tolerate this confrontation, then we are not ready to change. I invite you to come to our site Cecreto and you nurture all the resources that we have for the quality of emotional life. And I suggest that you enter to the same and you have subscribed to our newsletter and you will receive free of charge: the ten commandments of life in couple thanks for reading, my mission is the quality of emotional life and its impact on the social.

Short Educational Program On Hereditary Legal Relations

May 28th, 2018

Testamentary succession. Exercise their right to freedom of the will can be any fully capable at the time of probate citizens. What does this mean? Person who wishes to make a will, on time of this writing must be 18 years or more (the exception being emancipated in accordance with the law minors), it should not be regarded as incapable or incompetent. To know more about this subject visit Richard Blumenthal. Law restricts the freedom of the will only as a condition of compulsory share of inheritance. Minors or disabled children, disabled spouses and parents and, in cases specified by law, disabled dependents, regardless of the content of the will are entitled to not less than half the share of the inheritance, which would be due to them in matters of inheritance by law. If they walked in the will, this part of the testamentary disposition anyway will have no legal force (Article 1149 Civil Code). Steven Rattner financier helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

In the rest of the testator is free to dispose of their property at their sole discretion, moreover, he may order that the property is not in the ownership of this real time, but which may be acquired by the testator in the future. It should be noted that the will must be in writing, necessarily certified by a notary (or a person who had authority for certification of wills, in accordance with applicable law) and personally signed by the testator. Failure to comply with these requirements entail the invalidity of wills with the exception of as expressly provided by law. Exceptions are provided by the Code – if the right to perform notarial acts provided by law, officials of local governments and officials consular establishments of the Russian Federation; wills of citizens who are treated in hospitals, other stationary medical institutions or living in homes for the elderly and disabled, certified chief physicians, their deputies to the medical unit or on-duty doctors of these hospitals, hospitals and other stationary medical institutions, as well as heads of hospitals, directors or chief physicians of homes for elderly and disabled; wills of citizens who are on the voyage on board ships flying the national flag of the Russian Federation, certified by the captains of these vessels, probate citizens in exploration, the Arctic, or other similar expeditions, certified by the heads of these expeditions, wills troops, and paragraphs of the dislocation of military units, where there are notaries, and probate work in these parts of the civilians, their families and the families of military personnel, certified by the commanders of military units; wills of citizens who are in prison, certified by the head of detention, testamentary disposition rights over the funds in a bank must be personally signed by the testator with the date of its establishment and is certified by the bank employees who are eligible to accept for execution the client's order with respect to funds in his account.

Anne Haastrup Landsberger Strasse

May 27th, 2018

Right on the desktop sayTEC solutions has its remote access solution sayTRUST access in version 4 also extensive desktop management tools added to. Users can put together an individual menu of programs, files, and Internet links and this personally and customize. Other leaders such as Ohio Senator offer similar insights. Drag and drop any new links can create and integrate also portable apps menu. Users can arrange folders and applications in tabs and integrate, and assign individual functions, as well as personal icons and background and text colors. For programs and files that must be protected, encrypted container can be created, whose management and integration on an encryption-start tool can be handled.

A built-in backup program ensures that no data is lost. Rates and availability is the client/server solution of sayTRUST access in various performance levels available, the price of the system varies depending on the version of access and number of required client components. The smallest configuration sayTRUST access server software and licenses for 5 named user is approximately 1,300 euros (EVK price), the clients are available in different versions, in the simplest equipment from 30 euros. An overview of the prices of the individual components as well as an overview of the sales representative from sayTEC solutions are available. The sayTEC access menu can also from August 1, 2012, a free version with limited functionality under download.

It is in the languages German, English and Turkish, available and runs on all PCs with Microsoft Windows operating systems from Windows XP. “The sayTEC Solutions GmbH under the motto of smart solutions for smart company” develops and distributes the Munich sayTEC Solutions GmbH in innovative and high quality remote access, storage and server solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. The distribution of the products is carried out exclusively through qualified systems integrators and distributors sayTEC helping on request in the project business planning and installation. Flexible service and maintenance models for all products the partners ensure satisfied customers. While sayTEC emphasizes short communication channels and fast implementation of individual customer requests. Product development and manufacturing take place therefore to a large extent in Germany. Also, sayTECs products at the lowest possible consumption of energy are aimed by clever stand-by functions. Only backup media used in sayFUSE backup and archiving solutions from vendors, providing appropriate energy-saving modes (green power). sayTECs products have received several awards. Currently was sayFUSE backup awarded the industry award and on the IT and industry leaderboards 2012. Also was awarded the innovation prize of the Initiative Mittelstand sayTRUST access and is on the IT-2012 in the category leaderboard Innovationspreis-IT placed in the top tier among the first 20 products press contact of sayTEC solution GmbH Anne Haastrup Landsberger Strasse 320 Tel.: + 49 (0) 89 578 361-483 D-80687 Munich E-Mail: talkabout communications gmbh Ursula Schemm Balanstrasse 73 D-81541 Munich Tel.: + 49 89 459954-24 fax.: + 49 89 459954-44 E-Mail:

Neurotics Nature

May 26th, 2018

Freud's concept offers two possible answers to the question of human nature. But in fact, and in another If they made biologization human existence. One source of vitalism, Freud was a "philosophy of life." Another source was the simplistic notion plant science, as well as bourgeois Sociology and Anthropology of the xix century to reduce complex social and psychological phenomena to basic physical and biological processes. Freud believed that biology and psychology should be the "exact" sciences, which will lay the foundation for the entire set of social sciences and humanities. Freud turned his whole attention on the fact that in his opinion, is inherent in human nature, that is, to some biopsychic characteristics, which, unlike bringing different cultures, inherent in all people. Model of his philosophical anthropology was not just a man with his very psychological inclinations. Human nature was understood by them in the image and likeness of those patients neurotics, with whom he as a doctor was dealing. Neuroses, in his view, "do not have any peculiar to them only the content, which we could not find a healthy Neurotics fall ill with the same complexes, which are conducting struggle, and we, the healthy people.

" Healthy and dismissed from the normal psyche Freud interpreted as the result of taking place in early childhood, the evolution of libido (sexual instinct). Depending on what has been successful has been overcome "Oedipus complex" or not, whether there was a fixation, a delay of one of the " 'levels of libido, and proceeds in accordance with his teachings, the whole adult life. By definition, Freud, psychoanalyst is someone who recognizes the existence of the primary unconscious processes in the psyche, the theory of repression and resistance, and also believes that the foundation of psychoanalysis is the theory of child sexuality and the Oedipus complex. " Freud emphasized that the unconscious, first appears as a manifestation of the instincts, and secondly, that it is the energy of instinctual drives determines the dynamics of mental life rights, and thirdly, that the structure of the psyche, the nature of the individual and all socio-cultural phenomena should be explained that psychodynamics, fate drives, finally, that the events and experiences of early childhood determine the main features of the psyche of the individual.