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The Thorn in the Mercury

Friday, September 15th, 2017

At the moment we are the thorn in the MERCURY, so hard in her womb will accept rejection, accepting all are clear that not only call into question the validity of the postulates constituting community but also hamper the negotiations is that, as blocks, are made with the United States and the European Community, of our rejection are clear that many are going to go work with the a pas of Factual will not wait and that (particularly in the case of Argentina), will mean a political and economic blow will have very serious repercussions to the internal of the countries a traitorous and lackeys of Imperious who oppose our inclusion (of course, outstanding the newly elected mayor of Buenos Aires, a serious political setback for President Kirchner).

Oyster that the scenario that envisions the efficient Brazilian Foreign Ministry?, Serape is the reason to start structuring the intelligence service announced in Sao Paulo Fool ?, meanwhile, face, figure and words of the President prevail at any stage of the Capo America for wonder and laughter of international attendees, and meanwhile, the bulk of the population is reflected in Venezuela’s streets demanding their civil rights, in the meantime, our President is absent and is meeting with Mr Putin and Russian government would rather keep his visit low profile in the Meanwhile we all boil slowly in the sauce of isolation, rejection and international suspicion garnished our President and his government with their blunders … Graphic Designer, Economist and Baker almost 41 years without depriving me of any experience and with much tell ….