The Diverse

The news article still conserves the estilizada and pietista vision that the proper evanglicos exactly has of if of the sexual purismo. 6 – ' ' 90% of the adepts of evanglicas churches almost believe that the sexual moral of the man and the woman must be equal, and 65% of them prefer to be married some brother of f' '. p.89 * does not exist a moral, doctrinal, ethical uniformity or of species some, between the churches that if dress with this label: ' ' evanglica' '. The variation is great confused e, although the fteis attempts of if shaping a mutual understanding. It does not have a general discursiva order that characterizes and distinguishes the evanglicos; the diverse interests in game hinder any ecumenismo. Thus, what they call sexual moral theoretically is understood in particular way for each one of these churches, each one has its proper speech based on a particular interpretation of the bible. But, in the practical one, the speech is another one.

E this is visible when we observe the day the day of the members of these related churches and the innumerable stories registered for the press. Many practise sexual relations before the marriage, adulterate, exercise its sexual fancies freely, have relations homosexuals, attend to show of streep tease and etc, as the too much people of the society being religious they or not. The speech ' ' moral' ' he is ' ' biblicamente' ' ideologizado and it has function only politics: it exists to control, to train and to restrain the members of these churches and exists, also, to differentiate the group of that they are of it are of it. The sexuality human being, always was the preferred object of the eclesial control since the antiquity and it will never leave of being, same that the practical one always arranges a way to burlar these controls.


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