The Laws

ACCORDS. Normativa/AGU orientation n 31, of 15.04.2009 (I GIVE of 16.04.2009, S. 1, P. 4)? ' ' The celebration of accord with private entity without ends lucrative it could be preceded of public calling. In the cases where it will not be carried through such procedure must have due fundamentao.' ' ACCORDS. Normativa/AGU orientation n 32, of 15.04.2009 (I GIVE of 16.04.2009, S. 1, P. 4)? ' ' The Laws n 11,945 and 11,960, of 2009, only apply to the accords celebrated after the beginning of the respective validities.

It is admitted possibility of amendment of the old accords to adjust them it the related rules of leis.' ' ON n 10 guides in the direction of if considering, for ends of framing in dismissal of licitation with bedding in art. 24, incorporation II, of the Law n 8,666/1993 (maximum limit of R$ 8,000, 00), the stated period of 60 months for the duration of the contract of continuous services. Consonant dominant agreement, the continuous services mentioned by the law (art. 57, II), are those that cannot have continuity solution. Therefore, the orientation was alicerou in this rule, that is, when planning one contract with these characteristics, the responsible public agent will have obligatorily to project taking it in account the possible maximum stated period for such agreements (60 months). It occurs, however, that this regramento alone must be considered when will have real entailing to the essencialidade, a time that exists services that, although continuous in its essence, is not effectively essential, not possessing the characteristics that impose it the law. These (not fit as essential) are distinguished from those (essential e, therefore, indispensable), being fit only in the rule of the caption of art.

57, that is, possess attached duration to the validity of the credit, atrelando the limit foreseen for dismissal (R$ 8,000, 00) to the period of duration of its budgetary credit. In these cases, such fact will have minutely to be explained to the competent sector for the legal approval, in order to move away mistakes from interpretation. Extracted text of the Bulletin of Orders and Notice of the Navy of Brazil, that it executes with exemplary conduction of its licitatrios processes. It visits blog and it knows more on licitations and contracts with the public power.


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