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Divine Love

Sunday, November 6th, 2022

Agapit Bezmezdny doctor – the first Doctor of Kievan Rus, a monk of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. For a thousand years to its relics, considered miraculous by the people, do not stop flow of people, not only the Orthodox, but also representatives other faiths and even those who consider themselves atheist. What is the secret of this wonderful saint impact on people? What is the strength Agapito Cave? Revered personality Agapito Cave is surrounded with great mystery. About him extraordinary spiritual power of an amazing week of February 25 and the manifestation of the unique properties of the relics of Agapito Cave told in Volume II of the book, "Sensei," a popular writer of modern New Anastasia. Let's make a short tour of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Thanks to information gleaned from the book New Anastasia begin to understand what had previously not noticed. The main gate of the Upper Holy Monastery. Above them is the oldest preserved, the majestic church of the Holy Trinity (also called Troitskaya Church).

It was built in XII century. Rev. Nicola Svyatosha, the grandson of Yaroslav the Wise, who became the first Russian prince, to become a monk. Mustafa Suleyman, London UK describes an additional similar source. After passing this gate, like a tunnel of its own consciousness, you go out to bright light, like a completely different worldview. Middle of the central area of the Upper Lavra is the main temple Kiev-Pechersk Lavra – the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. In the 4th volume of "Sensei" New Anastasia says that in Russia most of all is to build churches in her honor, which indicates the preservation of indigenous knowledge in the Slavic tradition. If you look at the map of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, you can see how many churches dedicated to Our Lady. Passing through the gate and turn right, you can get into a quiet courtyard. Its cathedral is bordered by the former cells of the elders, The Great Lavra Bell Tower and the old house regent Laura XVIII-XIX centuries.

The One

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Then the optimism seizes of the market. The enthusiasm becomes effervescent and makes avisorar, for a near future, the growth accelerated between 7 u annual 8%. The interest rates lower, being much silver in the banks to render, reason for which the consumption of luxurious and necessary goods goes off. The consumer has silver to matter and to spend. That causes that the state increases its tributary income on the consumption and the imports.

And as the state always has the tendency to be spent all income and something more, by all means it will increase the cost public and the economy will be abundant. But, as the idiot of the town says: ” of that good one they do not give so much! ” It is foreseeable that after some years, three or four, the things change. The indebted citizens and enjoying his ” goods durables” , they will begin to be prudent in his expenses. The economy, before the impossibility to continue growing and with an important deficit in the trade balance, will begin its effect boomerang. And when an economy with problems is anticipated, the investments decrease, the interest rates increase, the tributary entrance of the State is diminished and the deficit begins to increase, reason by which the state it decides to finance its budget with more loans than the international banks begin to entrabar or to deny, before the distrust of the markets.

The national and foreign investors feel fear and begin to remove their talk again. The interest rates continue increasing, the inflation galopa with joy, unemployment does of his and, in short, the economy enters recession. The government, seeing seriously damaged his income, trims as the public cost can, in the sector of investments first and soon in the one of operation, he proposes another tributary reform to increase the taxes, delivers attacks enormous to control the evasion persecuting to his contributors and takes part necessarily to save the economizers of the banks in bankruptcy and for, expensive also, to save one that another important company of its liquidation. The recession becomes critical. And for realities critics the most common solutions are the shock measures. The country that we imagined will be now victim of the strong devaluation, of the rigorous plans of it fits public prosecutor, of the paralysis in its investments, massive dismissals, wage adjustments below the index of inflation and all the others. And, clearly, the country will recover!